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Monthly Archive: June 2009

Jun 30


Yesterday afternoon, I formally converted to Judaism. When I first met Marc, and immediately got pregnant :-), I was completely freaked out about the fact that he was Jewish. I didn’t know ANYONE who was Jewish and the thought of trying to balance out his traditions with mine was really scary. I knew that I …

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Jun 27

250 Visitors

That’s a whole lot of people visiting my blog. Given that most of the time, I think the only one who reads it is my husband, I’m impressed. And even though it may just be Marc clicking on it 250 times in a row, I suspect that there are more of you out there. Could …

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Jun 26

Mama, I go check da doors

Last night, Marc was out with his friends, playing D&D;, and I was home with the kids. I kept Glennys overnight and both girls were sound asleep. Sam had napped for three and a half hours, and was just wide awake and adorable about it. He spent forty five minutes playing on the living room …

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Jun 25

Go play outside

This was the theme of my summers growing up (I hated being shoved outside, and quickly learned that offering to do the dishes or help out vacuuming would get me out of it – which is how I ended up doing the vast majority of kid chores in my household – the other three ran …

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Jun 24

Woo Hoo – Summer Vacation

I love summer vacation. I mean, who doesn’t, right? And it’s just as much fun when it’s your kids having the break. We all slept a little later this morning, and I really do like having Jess home. I totally should have homeschooled, because I bet we both would have loved it. She’s signed up …

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Jun 22

Scary SAHM

I just cut thirty tiny hearts with a cookie cutter out of Jessie’s peanut butter sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch at school. And while it made sense before I started it, mid-way thru, I started to wonder if perhaps I was one of those scary moms who’s obsessive about her children’s happiness. But what I can …

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Jun 21

Happy Father’s Day

My dad was not a dad, in any sort of good sense. He just wasn’t. But today, I celebrate three different men. In order of how they came into my life… My grandfather. I’m the second grandchild of twenty one. And from the very beginning, the best and most important man in my world was …

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Jun 19

Extended nursing

Sam will be three in a matter of weeks (amazing to me, my baby is going to be THREE) and he’s shown NO indication that he wants to stop nursing. And I’m perplexed and unsure as to how to proceed. I want very much to stop nursing. I’m really ready to move on – I’d …

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Jun 18

Hermits – not so much

Anyone have a good hermit recipe? I found one on-line and made some odd crunchy cake type things. They aren’t good šŸ™ All is lovely here – kids are healthy and well, Marc is happy and content… not much going on, just a rainy, lazy Thursday šŸ™‚

Jun 17

What’s up with the difference between a mom and a dad?

Help me out here, because I’m honestly a bit baffled. My husband is literally a genius, his IQ is off the chart. He also graced with a lot of common sense and has a been a parent for over ten years. So why can’t he figure out how to put the kids to bed by …

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