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Monthly Archive: December 2012

Dec 28

Raising a son

It’s very different from raising a daughter.  Not in some ways, but in others – it’s a completely different experience.  I’m not talking just about pointing the peepee down when changing diapers (a lesson I sincerely wish someone had mentioned before I went thru a week of leaking diapers – postpartum, with no sleep, it …

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Dec 27

Christmas Vacation

We survived another year.   And in the end, we did really well.  Only one serious fight, and we resolved it that night.  We’ll probably always have at least one battle every year, but we work thru it.  In the end, I’m always going to want Marc to embrace Christmas the way I embrace Judaism. …

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Dec 21

What Christmas Means to Me

I’m Jewish, and pretty happy about it.  But, yeah, I still celebrate Christmas.  I don’t celebrate it as the birth of Christ, but it’s still a tremendously meaningful and important holiday for me.  I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite holiday of the year – there’s too much other stress going on for that.  December is …

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Dec 18

Being a mean mommy works

I’m strict about some things with my kids.  There’s not a lot that I’m really hard core on, I’m lackadaisical about bedtimes, devil may care about wearing coats in the winter (I rarely wear them, I see no need to shove a crying kid into one for the sake of keeping them warm, I’ll carry …

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Dec 14


According to the National Center for Education Statistic (which is the link that I got when I googled), there are 93,295 public schools in the United States.  I’m clinging to that number today.  Because when I look at that, and I think that this horrific accident happened in one out of 93,295 schools, I can …

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Dec 13

Midnight Zombie Attacks

Marc’s job entails a lot of late nights.  It’s got a lot of flexibility, in that he’s able to do pick up and drop off from school and various afterschool activities, and get to the gym occasionally.  But it also means that most nights, he’s not here for bedtime. I’m not great at bedtime.  On …

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Dec 10


We’re Jewish, although still culturally interfaith. What that means is that we are Jewish with some bonus traditions that I dragged along with me into the family. Really, the only main holiday that we celebrate (other than the Jewish holidays, and other American holidays, like Thanksgiving, Halloween, July 4th, etc) is Christmas. Although that’s also …

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Dec 06

Words We Won’t Get Back

Julie is still at that age where she’s learning to talk.  New words every day (today, we learned lavendar, she was delighted).  But she still struggles with pronunciation, and it made me think of the number of words that I have repeated so often that I no longer remember the actual word it’s come from.  Either …

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Dec 04

I love a Tuesday

Having a delightful sort of day today – the sun is (not) shining and the everyone was cheerful and friendly this morning.  Which is rare, honestly, so I’m taking it as a sign that today is going to be freaking AWESOME.   Today is my free day, devoted to cleaning, baking and probably some reading. …

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Dec 03

My annual December Dilemma Post

This is my tenth Christmas/Hanukkah season with Marc, and I find that as it approaches, it’s the first one that I’m relaxed and happy about in a long time.  We celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, and I’m perfectly content about it, for the first time in years.  We also do Easter/Passover, but somehow, that’s never really …

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