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Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 28

It’s possible she may be a genius

I know – it’s that she’s two, and two is when they start putting it all together.  I remember thinking this with both the older two.   But Julie really does seem to be uncommonly bright.  She’s memorized the Llama Llama Misses Mama and recites it as she flips thru books.  She’s got an unlimited …

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Jun 25

Near drowning

I hesitate to blog about this, simply because my  mind is really avoiding going there, but the facts are that yesterday, we came within in minutes of Sam drowning.  We were at a lake in one of the surrounding towns (don’t know which one, because I wasn’t driving).  There was no lifeguard, but it was …

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Jun 22


I like this whole parenting thing.  I do.  I generally believe that my kids are cooler and cuter and just way more awesome than other kids, and am very, very happy that Marc and I are able to have me home full time with them.  That being said, sometimes they infuriate me.  I have moments …

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Jun 18

The Screamers

I’ve got a minivan.  Like most moms of five (and for the purposes of this blog post, I’ve got five – the odd thing about being a stepparent is that sometimes I’ve got five and sometimes I’ve got three).  So three kids sit in the way back and two in the middle.  We call it …

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Jun 18

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is traditionally hard for me.  For a whole host of reasons, but mainly because I didn’t grow up with a father.  Not really.  I had my grandfather, who was amazing and awesome, and he loved me and I loved him.  But he wasn’t my father.  And I had my stepdad, who’s also amazing …

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Jun 14

Guest Blog from Marc

Here’s a copy of the article that Marc wrote for the local on-line paper that I blog with.  I think it’s freaking fabulous – I wish he’d write more often 🙂 Ways for a Good Father to be a Great Dad Some of the things that make a man a good father are just the …

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Jun 11

Had a little moment last night

I signed Sam up for swimming lessons at the pool down the street.  Because it’s a state pool, they offer free swimming lessons for kids, but you have to sign up at the crack of dawn and they really don’t publicize it.  But I got up at five thirty and stood in line for two …

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Jun 09

Catching Up

It’s first thing in the morning and nobody is awake except for me and the birds. Julianna is sleeping again, she’s been waking at five or five thirty and nursing for a bit, and then drifting back off for another hour (sometimes longer). We’ve got big plans today – my cousin and I are taking …

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Jun 04

And so it begins

Julianna is sitting on a potty.  We’ve been toying with this idea for a while, even though I KNOW that it’s probably too early.   Both Jessie and Sam potty trained when they were about three and a half, and they did it on their own in a day or two.  I know it’s possible …

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Jun 01

Happy Birthday Marc

I like birthdays. Not just because you get cake, but also because I think it’s a beautiful idea to take an entire day and just celebrate the fact that someone exists. I never dread my own birthday – even though my next one will be the dreaded thirty nine. It’s a whole day to just …

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