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Monthly Archive: February 2008

Feb 26

Just Tuesday

Much family drama going on – not on my part, thank God. But my brother, sister, neieces and nephews and mother seem to be hell bent on self destructing. And I’m used to the drama, the emotions, the trauma of it all – I grew up with it. But I’m so grateful that I don’t …

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Feb 24

Happy Birthday Girls Day

Mom, Jessie, Becky and I all went out for the day yesterday. Becky’s not technically a birthday girl, but we like her so we brought her along with us :-). It was lovely – I really enjoyed spending the day out and about with my girl. I’m so very proud of her, she’s so exactly …

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Feb 22

Who loves a snow day??

I do, I do! Especially when I’ve got food in the house and just my kids and my husband at home. The snow has been falling since early this morning and it’s so cozy and comfortable in here, I’m making challah from a new recipe, four strands this time, and am very excited about it. …

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Feb 21

Thursday is like my Friday

Because I have no extra kids on Fridays, and one of mine is usually gone all day at preschool, Fridays are my weekends. It’s like Saturday and Sunday combined into one glorious day where the only one I have to take care of takes a three hour nap and doesn’t talk. I have my two …

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Feb 20

some days are better than others

Not that there’s anything wrong, exactly, I’m just low on patience and the kids are driving me nuts. Everyone is whiny and fussy and bored and more than happy to complain and moan and groan. Including me. On the upside, there’s only another five hours or so until I can start putting everyone down to …

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Feb 19

best chocolate chip cookies ever

I know I already posted today – but I had to brag about this wicked pretty cookies I just made. For me, baking is always sort of hit or miss, I can do everything exactly right and still have them turn out weird. But this time – they are everything you’d ever want in a …

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Feb 19

February vacation

I can see now why my mother always used to dread vacations… because kids get bored really easily. Things are going well here though – I’ve got hordes of children here. Glennys is here all week, Lilli and Sarah are here on Tuesdays and Thursdays and if Mandi is still talking to me, then I’ll …

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Feb 17

Slumber Party

Survived my girl’s first slumber party – it went better than I had anticipated. Due to supreme sibling stupidity, eighty percent of my neices weren’t allowed to attend, but Bella was here, we also had Lilli and Sarah and Julia here overnight, and everyone was asleep by 10:00 and slept thru the night with no …

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Feb 13

Happy Valentines Day!

Six years ago today was the first day of the rest of my life. I had gotten the e-mail on a Tuesday night, and it was smart and engaging and funny. So I agreed to dinner on Thursday. Valentine’s Day. Having been thru a number of blind internet dates, I knew to keep my expectations …

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Feb 12

You can’t flush a marshmellow

And other lessons learned from being at home… That should be the title of a book I write after the kids are grown up. Yesterday, I made my girl some hot cocoa and put in a strawberry marshmellow (or mallow?? neither looks right). She, as per usual, didn’t finish it, and rather than dump it …

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