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Monthly Archive: April 2016

Apr 29

Julianna Ruth – at six years old

I started to type that she was suddenly a big kid – but I haven’t gotten there yet.  She’s still my baby, my tiny one, my little love bug, and at some point, I imagine that she’ll start to chafe against the fact that I always see her with her little baby face superimposed over …

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Apr 20

He can’t see

Playing Uno is hard, because he has trouble seeing the difference between the blue and green cards.  He can’t play Wii Sports well, because he can’t see the baseball in time to swing.  Forget reading – he can’t play with legos or build his model cars. It’s not that he can’t see at all.  He …

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Apr 18

April Vacation 2016

I like April vacation – but I sense that this one is not one that I’m going to want to repeat. My Jessie is off to Florida – a reality that makes me squirm a little bit when I think about it.  She’s so much farther away than she’s ever been, and I won’t see …

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Apr 14

New Normal

He’s been asleep for fifteen hours. He’s still breathing, I know this because he fell asleep last night while I was putting Julianna to bed.  On the couch.  So I can watch him sleep while I work in the same room.  He last had pain meds around six thirty last night, so I’m trying to …

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Apr 11

Nine is hard

I think he’s at the precise WRONG age for all of this.  Too old to be popped up on my hip while I have the conversations with his doctors, too old to be soothed easily with a cuddle and a kiss.  Just old enough to know that if he kicks and screams and rages, he …

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Apr 08

The new normal

I find that I don’t want to write much about the past week.  Which is odd, for me, at least.  Writing is how I process it, whatever it is.  Writing is how I re-live things, it’s how I figure out how I feel about things, it’s how I make sense of the events. I don’t …

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