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Dec 31

New Years Eve

Not my favorite holiday – although not my least favorite holiday. It almost seems like one I don’t particularly celebrate. Other than the book lists – I’ve been happily jotting down all the book recommendations.

It’s a quiet morning today – all three kids are still asleep. I slept in until almost eight, which is crazy late for me. Marc got up early and made the coffee, as he does most mornings. I got up, and read for a while. Marc brought me two cups of coffee, and then he left to go to services. In theory, I was going to take Julianna and go, but she’s still sleeping, and honestly, I like being at home. Everything is quiet and calm, and I read for a few hours. Took Lizzie for a walk, emptied the dishwasher and made an english muffin for breakfast.

Jessie is home for a few more weeks, and I’m cherishing the time with all three of my kids at home. Julie is recovering from her concussion, slower than I’d like, but recovering. Things with Sam are moving faster than they have in a while, with him learning braille and tech and notetaking at a pace that he’s so incredibly ready for. Marc is happily ensconced at the JCC – and while the hours are hard and the work is harder, I think it’s better for him than Homeworks was.

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