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Monthly Archive: March 2009

Mar 27


I haven’t posted in a while… it’s been fairly hectic around here. Jess has been going thru a stage that basically involved a lot of tears. Over everything. It was insanely frustrating – because I was completely clueless on how to handle it. On the one hand, I want to be supportive and loving and …

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Mar 25

Hurricane Jess

We’ve been struggling with school issues and emotional drama all over the place. Jessie has started really disliking school and crying (screaming hysterically sometimes) at the prospect of going. We’re trying to figure out what the problem is, and as far as I can tell, she’s just really, really serious about the little playground politics …

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Mar 23


Normally, I’m pretty sunshiney happy, but today is not going well. I’ve got a ton of cleaning because I wasn’t home over the weekend, and both my kids are miserable and overtired after a busy couple of days. Friday night was Shabbat, and it went very well. My father in law came over, we had …

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Mar 20

Ultimate Blog Party

Again, totally copying off of one of my favorite blogs (http://blog.wantingwhatyouhave.com/), I think I’ve signed up for the Ultimate Blog Party. I’m supposed to do an introductory post (50 Random Facts About Me??) and add that little button onto the blog. Not sure what happens after this – but I like the thought of a …

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Mar 19


My kids hate baths. I hate giving them baths. I don’t know why. Once they get in there, sometimes, it’s actually pleasant. They play in the water, they get out and are all scrubbed clean and smell nice… but it’s never something they do willingly and I’d always rather make Marc do it. Unfortunately – …

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Mar 18

Perks of being a stay at home mom

Sam slept this morning until almost 10:30. And that was okay. I curled up in the recliner with a blanket, the phone and the remotes and let him sleep until he woke up. Because there was nothing that needed to be done that was more important that letting him sleep. And I was so glad, …

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Mar 17

Seven Little Things That Make Me Disproportionately Happy

One of the blogs I read (http://blog.wantingwhatyouhave.com/) gave me this idea… 1. Sammy’s growing vocabulary. Sam’s got a need to communicate – he has since he was tiny. He mastered nodding his head yes or no VERY early, and even now, the quickest way to circumvent a tantrum is to echo back what’s bothering him, …

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Mar 16

Loving a Monday

Sam and I have been home all day today. Just us, very peaceful and relaxed. I’m happy to report that my son plays fine all by himself. I thought this might be a quality unique to my girl, because she was my oldest and my only for three and a half years. And I’ve been …

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Mar 12

Your good car thoughts were moderately successful

Depending entirely on perspective. I’m working on positive thinking, so the car is functional, we can drive it without a problem – except that we have to replace the engine and until we do, the muffler will need to be replaced every couple of months. This is not precisely good news, but it could be …

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Mar 11

Where did I get all this stuff?

I’m cleaning – and thinking about moving this summer, and I’m shocked and dismayed at the amount of STUFF that I’ve accumulated. Thousands of coats and hoodies and shoes, don’t get me started on shoes, I’ve got literally hundreds of pairs of them. Not mine, but mostly Jessie’s. I need to weed thru all kinds …

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