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Monthly Archive: May 2016

May 26

Ode to Lucky

This goofy little dog.  Looking back, getting an epileptic, non-housebroken dog three days after Sam had the biking accident seems like it would have been a mistake.  But in reality, it was the best decision.  Lucky Charms is simply the perfect dog for our family. He’s the right size, small but still looks like a …

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May 25

To the other people in the elevator

I wasn’t abusing my son.  I know it looked like I was.  He was obviously miserable and in considerable discomfort, and I did, in fact, have my arms wrapped around him and was dragging him out of the car.  I did, in fact, use my leg to knee him in the butt to get him …

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May 24

He ate salad

Sam’s eating again.  Not a lot, and the list of food he can’t tolerate is significantly longer than the list of food that he can.  He can eat peeled apples, salad (lettuce, cucumbers, croutons and salad dressing), and white rice.  French fries.  He can drink ginger ale and water. And that’s such a stunningly huge …

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May 19

Legit wiped out

I’m exhausted.  I keep falling asleep – I couldn’t stay awake after lunch and ended up passing out on the couch for ten or fifteen minutes.  It’s 7:18, and I’m barely making it until it’s time to put down Julie.  And that’s after a huge coffee around three. Sam’s asleep now, Jessie’s in her room …

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May 19

I’m in hell

Look, there are going to be good days and bad days.  I know that. Today is a bad day. I fought with Sam for more than an hour about taking his medication.  I threw a phone and a doll carriage, he swore, I swore back at him.  He cried, I cried.   We were both …

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May 12

No sleep

I read somewhere (probably when I was seriously sleep deprived, so it may not be entirely accurate) that the human body could go without sleep for one night and it doesn’t make much of a difference.  I find enormous comfort in that.  And because I’m a huge believer in the placebo effect – in that, …

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May 11

The hospital

We found out last night that Sam needs surgery.  Actually, we found out two days ago, but it was supposed to be done sometime next week. Last night, we found out it was today. It’s just Sam and I at the hospital.  Marc needs to be home, he needs to work, and we both agree …

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May 09


We have options.  None of them are good. We had the doctor’s appointment today.  Five hours worth of doctor’s appointment, adding in commuting time back and forth to Boston. It might just be that his vision is permanently gone in his right eye.  His left eye is basically 20/30 with incredible nearsightedness.  He can see …

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May 06


There are a lot of up and downs these days. One of the bigger challenges has been Sam’s sense of taste.  Sam was an eater – he was a kid who LOVED to eat.  Loved it.  He had a huge appetite, and it was an incredible source of pleasure for him.  Not just pleasure – …

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May 04

Deschooling, stealth schooling, unschooling, oh my…

I’m a homeschooler.  So to speak.  I’m homeschooling in theory – in reality, I’m reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban out loud and strongly suggesting that he watch documentaries. We’re in a weird place right now.  Not just with his physical and emotional recovery, but also with his academic recovery. He’s physically recovering, …

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