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Monthly Archive: November 2008

Nov 30


I love my family. I do, really. I have, hands down, the best relationship with my mother – far exceeding that of anyone else I know. I love her, absolutely, respect so much about what she’s done and how she’s done it, and I know that she thinks I’m the bees’ knees. But my siblings? …

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Nov 18

I love Tuesdays

Just my favorite day. And it’s bright and sunshiney outside (freezing cold, so I’m not actually going outside, but the sight of the sun still makes me smile) and all is right in my world. The boys are getting along wonderfully, Harrison is singing away to himself and Sam is very focused on eating. He …

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Nov 17

I’m a healthy girl

I am. I swear it. And my kids are healthy as well. But this winter, it’s not living up to the standards that I have set. I feel like I’ve had a cold, not a bad one, but a persistent one, for several weeks, and so has Sam. Sam runs a fever when he’s sick …

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Nov 14

Am I a hermit?

I’ve honestly thought about this for a couple of years now. Basically, ever since I had Sam. With Jess, I was still pretty mobile. With one child, you can pretty much go and do everything with her. One child is cute and a fun addition to most activities. Shopping with friends? Check. Going out to …

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Nov 11

The cherubs

This is what I call my children. When I’m speaking of them, or calling them to go somewhere… and today I had all four of them. I find it fascinating – there are four children, two of them by one woman, and two from another. They have the same father, but different everything else. My …

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Nov 05

When Mommy’s not happy, nobody is happy

This apparently rings true even if you are almost 35 and live two towns away. My mother is having a crappy day, no real reason, she’s just grouchy. And unfortunately… talked to me this morning, and now I’m all grumpy and out of sorts. Actually, I’m working hard on improving my mood. Although I’m freaking …

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Nov 04


When you have kids, or rather, when I had Jessica, my identity changed. Becoming a mother just superceded everything. And because it happened so closely to the time when Marc and I became a couple, I don’t always feel like that aspect of my life, that of a wife, really gets enough attention. Then after …

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Nov 02

Trick or Treat

Halloween was great this year – I really, really enjoyed it. Jessica was dressed up as Dorothy, with the dress and ruby slippers, and I put her hair in two little braids, she carried a basket with a stuffed dog in it. Sam was supposed to be Batman – but at the last minute, refused …

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