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Monthly Archive: May 2017

May 28

A perfect party

We throw a lot of parties at our house.  Nothing huge, just a general sort of open house thing, where we make a bunch of meatballs and some veggie stew thing, and the kids run around outside, and the adults all hang out and talk. And Memorial Day 2017 will go down as one of …

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May 20

A really good day

It was a stellar day all the way around. Jessie has her first semi-formal coming up, and today was dress shopping day.  On a good day, Jessie and I don’t like to shop, and shopping with the intent to purchase is always a challenge.  I headed to the mall with my mother and both girls. …

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May 12

Making the impossible happen

So much of Sam’s case is improbable.  Kids don’t get psuedo tumors.  Pseudo tumors are never this aggressive.  They always respond to medication.  The medication never kills off taste buds for months and months.  And perhaps the most challenging at the moment – kids who are legally blind are never completely homeschooled.  They’re always on …

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May 04


I love this time of year.  I love living in this neighborhood during the spring, summer and fall.  It’s just winter when everything falls apart.  But for now, the sky is blue, everyone’s lawn is filled with flowers and the trees are all loaded with leaves. Marc doesn’t want Julianna riding a bike.  If she …

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May 02

Notes from a spring weekend

It was Julianna’s birthday this weekend. Seven is undeniably a kid.  There’s no way, not really, to pretend that she’s a baby any more. Friday night we went out to dinner.  Lilli and Julie had discussed it and decided on the chinese buffet.  It’s the restaurant that we’ve been to the most, over the years. …

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