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Monthly Archive: November 2014

Nov 29

Hospital Phobia

No kid likes getting shots or bloodwork, and mine are no exception.   Of the three, I think Julianna handles it the best, but it’s possible that it’s just that she’s younger and I’m more experienced.  Sam and Jessie are both an absolute disaster when it comes to the possibility of a needle (Sam might …

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Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

For my mother – because Thanksgiving is our holiday.  More than any other, this is the holiday where I celebrate mothers and daughters.  Because this is now Jessie’s holiday too – and I know that the only way my mother will give up hosting it in her house is when Jessica is old enough to …

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Nov 25

Waking my baby for preschool

I’m not good at it. She’s only four, and I find myself thinking that the sleep will do her more good than the two hours of playing and running around that she’s going to do.  Plus it’s swim today, and Girlfriend hates swim.  I know she has to learn, I know it’s part of the …

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Nov 19

Bring It On

It’s here, the season is upon us. I’ve bought my Thanksgiving turkey (actually, I bought two, one for my mother’s house and one for Shabbat dinner this weekend). We’ve got our plans for Thanksgiving finalized – on Wednesday night, I’ll take my oldest daughter down to my mother’s so we can get up super early …

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Nov 16

My favorites

I’ve been on a writing haitus lately – for a bunch of reason.  Some of them time-related, some of them mood-related (because when I write, whatever I’m thinking or feeling comes out first, and I don’t think anyone really likes reading my rants about my schedule).  But despite the time challenges, despite the chores and …

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Nov 04

Confessions of an Uneducated Voter

I like to vote.  I registered to vote on my eighteenth birthday, and have proudly voted ever since. (photo from Blue Nation Review) I believe in voting.  I believe that women, especially, have to vote, because it wasn’t all that long ago that we were considered incapable of it.  I still remember the utter shock …

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