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Monthly Archive: November 2012

Nov 29

Project Make Sam Like People Commences

I know – it’s a crappy name for a project, but I’m still working on it. At our last school conference, his teacher raved about how well he’s doing in school this year.  Smart, fun, interacting with everyone, totally socially acclimated.  But there was a pause, and I asked the question that had been weighing …

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Nov 25

Gratitude List

Thanksgiving is my mother’s favorite holiday. But not mine. I like the prep work, but the actual holiday has never really appealed to me. None of the beauty of Christmas, or the quiet peace of Hanukkah. None of the candy and spring time excess of Easter, or the spiritual meaning attached to Passover. It’s okay. …

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Nov 23


I’ve got my faults, believe me.  I’m stubborn, I hold a grudge, I whine a lot.  I’m not always brimming over with patience, and I hate making my kids unhappy.  But I’m not really into… stuff.  I don’t care about clothes, I have little to no jewelry that I care about (I like my wedding …

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Nov 16

Getting dressed

I’m relatively laid back about most of mothering. There are some things I’m pretty adamant on, I don’t let them watch certain television shows (SpongeBob, I’m talking about you), I insist on teeth brushing and that you at least wave the brush in the general direction of your hair. But I don’t insist on ponytails …

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Nov 13

The new routine

Marc’s job has killer hours these days.  There’s flexibility, which is much needed, as we’re still down to just his car and we have three kids who need to be toted hither and yon, but there’s also a LOT of late nights.  We still managed to eek out a little time together, mornings, sometimes.  And …

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Nov 09

Lessons I’ve Learned

In no particular order – here’s a list of some of what I’ve figured out after what I just realized is almost a decade of parenting.  Some of these lessons I have to relearn over and over again.. – Pacifiers work.  Really, really well – but around a year old, it’s better to limit it …

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Nov 06

Sammy’s circumcision

Jewish men, as a rule, are circumcised by a mohel.  It’s a special position, generally filled by urologists or other doctors, and they not only perform the operation but also conduct the service.  When Sam was born, Marc was adamant that he be circumcised.  Everyone has their own baggage, and I’m far from exempt from that.  I grew …

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Nov 06

Taking your child to vote

Why wouldn’t you? I read an article yesterday on kveller.com about a mom who was stunned and happy that her five year old wanted to come and vote with her. She wrote four or five paragraphs on it, how she’s not sure that she’s ready to talk to him about issues, and she and her …

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Nov 05

The blog post I wasn’t going to write

I haven’t blogged in a bit, mainly because this post (which I obviously really needed to write, for myself) is kind of angry and kind of hostile – and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there on a public forum.  That being said, I find that, after writing it, I feel a LOT better …

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Nov 04


I’ve got major writer’s block (aka everyone I know is in a bad mood and I think I’ve absorbed all of it, because although there’s nothing for me to be cranky about, I am) so am reposting an old blog post.  I was going to look back a year, but last November was, arguably, one …

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