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Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 19

I love my computer guy

I’m not a computer girl.  My mind doesn’t really flow in that computer-jargon sort of way.  For example, I know that this computer that I’m typing on is black.  I couldn’t tell you what KIND of computer it is, or what operating system it uses.  But I do know that it was working for a …

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Mar 11

Spring is here

While the snow piles might still be taller than I am in many places, and I still have to pause at every intersection to peer past the piles to see any on-coming traffic, I’m also in a pair of cut-offs and barefoot.  Because it’s spring, dammit, and I’m all about if you dress for it, …

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Mar 10

Slightly sick baby, and Marc sings karoke

She isn’t sick, not really.  And again, she’s not a baby either, with her fifth birthday looming next month.  But my Julianna has been suffering through a cold, and we’ve had a whole lot of snuggles on the couch and curled up in bed together. She’s much better today, asking for food and actually drinking. …

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Mar 07


Shabbat isn’t always the easiest of days for me.  By the time Friday comes, I’m usually pretty worn out.  Marc gets up at five most mornings, and I’m up along with him.  The week is busy and chaotic – fun and filled with activities, but also messy and stressful and exhausting at times.  Some Fridays, …

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Mar 02

My boy

I snuggle my kids to sleep.  I’ve never been particularly “good” at putting the kids to bed.   For Jessie, I created this elaborate bedtime routine, involving many stories, a variety of songs and then I’d rub her back until she drifted off to sleep (she’s still the toughest one to get down to sleep – …

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