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Monthly Archive: September 2009

Sep 27

Thank you

Thanks so much for the support and pep talks – it really does make me smile and feel better every time I read one of them. And there’s so much to be grateful for – I miscarried at this time once before, so I always hesitate before complaining, it’s so much better to be sick …

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Sep 25

I’m going to whine here a little bit…

First – the disclaimer… I’m unbelievably happy about this pregnancy. In many ways, it’s my most emotionally blessed pregnancy, in that I’m not grieving a loss, or terrified of it’s effect (or affect??) on the family dynamic. I’m just all the way around happy about it, and not for one single solitary moment would I …

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Sep 24

Slacker Blogger

I’ve just been honestly so sick and yucky, I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. All is still delightful in my world – crippling financial worries that so far I’m managing to keep shoved to the side, when I think too much about it, I freak out, so I try to stay focused on other …

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Sep 21

High Holidays – and is it possible I feel the baby moving at nine weeks?

Rosh Hashanah was this weekend, and it went exceedingly well. Friday night, we had dinner at one of Marc’s aunt’s houses, Saturday morning, we went to services, went to a party at a different aunt’s house, and then hit another aunt’s house for Saturday night. Yesterday, we did services again, and then a quiet afternoon …

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Sep 16

First ultrasound

It’s just magical – and it doesn’t matter that it’s the fourth time I’ve seen it, that little heart pounding away just takes my breath away. My first OB appointment was today, and everything looks wonderful. I have a little bean shaped baby, with a little heartbeat and I’ve spent all day on the verge …

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Sep 15

Bright, beautiful morning

And I’m feeling pretty good today – took some anti-nausea meds yesterday, and apparently, still feel the effects. I still feel pregnant, but don’t feel the overwhelming need to run for the bathroom either. The medication made me out of my mind tired, to the point where I fell asleep around four while the kids …

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Sep 13

Nausea and a very whiny six year old

That’s pretty much my life these days. The morning sickness is kicking my butt on every level possible. It’s just steady and constant and overwhelming. No cravings, just lots of food aversions. I’m huge, seriously ginormous. I didn’t show at all until three or four months along with Jess, and I’m ashamed to admit that …

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Sep 10

Allergies, morning sickness, etc

We’re all here, still good. I’m at seven weeks tomorrow – YAY – and very happy about it. I ended up nixing any sort of prescription medication for the nausea, as I realized that it would also increase milk production. Which is the exact opposite of what I want to do, and I tried the …

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Sep 07

This baby is kicking my butt

Maybe I’m just too old for this. I feel wretched. A lot. Spent most of Saturday in the labor and delivery wing, hooked up to IV’s, rehydrating. Isn’t that a lovely word? Rehydrating. I love it. I’ve got a couple of kick ass bruises, but haven’t thrown up since Saturday morning. I had reached the …

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Sep 04

Holy Moly, am I pregnant!

How do you know you’re pregnant? Other than the obvious… it’s when the smell emanating from a bag of fruit loops is enough to send you running to the bathroom to vomit. When the stench of a bowl of cheerios makes you cry because you feel just that sick. All the time. I’m ginormous huge …

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