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Monthly Archive: January 2012

Jan 30

craptastic morning, after a craptastic weekend…

Sometimes, all is not delightful.  Sometimes, it’s just crappy.  Not awful, not tragic, just craptastic.  We were all sick for the past week and a half, one at a time, culminating in Jessie getting strep throat.  Julianna was the only healthy one, and I fear that I may be wrong in saying that she escaped …

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Jan 27

Sick, sick and more sick

I’m obviously a big fan of breastfeeding your children, for as long as they need it.  Another bonus to nursing your toddler is that they really do tend to stay healthier than children who are not nursing.  Anecdotal evidence, sure, but it’s been the case, time and time again, when my older two will be …

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Jan 23

Snow Day

Last Friday wasn’t a snow day, exactly.  At least not as far as the Worcester Public Schools were concerned.  But I didn’t grow up in Worcester, and after almost nine years of living in this city of a thousand hills, I’ve reached the point where if it’s icy out, I’m not driving.  Marc had another …

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Jan 19

Just another day in paradise

I’m still adjusting to a new schedule.  For a little over a year, my husband was out of work, and we adjusted very nicely to being home together during the day.  For my littlest one, it was ideal.  For most of the first year and a half of her life, she had two stay at …

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Jan 19

Sneezy, sneezy, sneezy

I’ve got a cold, but thus far, it’s kind of a fun cold.  I like sneezing.  Not all the time, but it’s a lot more fun than hiccups.  Plus I’m also under the influence of benedryl and advil, so that’s helping as well.  All is delightful here today.  Both the older kids bopped off the …

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Jan 17

Because sometimes I need to brag

My kids are awesome at playing alone.  Julianna just spent easily a half hour collecting babies and blankets from around the house, and laying them all down for bed in Sam’s room.  Why Sam’s room?  I don’t know… but she was so BUSY and so cute.  She was going back and forth between the living …

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Jan 15

Birthday Resolutions

I have a January birthday (it’s the 25th), in case you want to send a card… and have always made birthday resolutions instead of New Year’s (on the theory that it’s always better to not go along with the crowd).  So here are my parenting birthday resolutions for my thirty eighth year (in no particular order…) …

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Jan 11

Growing up is hard, but pushing them to grow up is harder

We co-sleep. Julianna Ruth has slept next to me every night of her life, and I’ve got no plans on trying to transition her into her own bed anytime soon. Sam and Jessie have lovely, lovely bedrooms, decorated, filled with toys, big inviting beds, with stuffed animals, special blankets and pillows on them. And really, …

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Jan 10

I’m back, oh I’m back

I’ve been without a computer for days, weeks, and thanks to Mike Wilder (a man I will be forever grateful to), I’ve got a loaner laptop until we can find a cheap computer to replace the one that died.  And honestly, after the two months that we had been thru, it’s amazing  that the computer …

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