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Monthly Archive: February 2016

Feb 26

On the day before the bat mitzvah

I’m in tears already.  It’s not yet six thirty, and the idea that we’re here, that it’s tomorrow… There’s still so much to do, I can’t find Sam’s shirt or tie or suitcoat, I have to buy tights for me, and Jessie, and all the plasticware, and decorate everything and today’s going to be a …

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Feb 14

Fourteen Years

Fourteen years of marriage is different than I thought it would be. It’s waking up early too early, worrying about kids, and money and jobs.  It’s turning on the coffee pot that he got ready the night before and checking the heat to make sure it didn’t drop too much overnight.  It’s a king size …

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Feb 10

I’m back

I didn’t blog for the past month.   For a variety of reasons, and someday I’ll blog about them, but right now, suffice it to say that January was a BAD month.  But we’re all still here, healthy and hanging in.  17 days until the bat mitzvah, and we’re actively searching for a dog as …

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