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Monthly Archive: February 2010

Feb 28


I have a really good marriage. I just do. I think part of it is luck and most of is hard work, but in general, you’d have say, judging it as objectively as I can, my marriage is better than most. Marc and I had a huge fight this weekend, and we’re all better now …

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Feb 25

Snow Days

We had another snow day yesterday – and it was lovely. I had the opportunity to really pay attention to Jess and how much she does, as a big sister, to make life easier and more fun. Sam’s at a particularly tough age – three and a half is old enough to really, really bug …

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Feb 24


Time for my morning bitch about being pregnant. First the disclaimer – I really, really already love the baby. And I’m always aware of how incredibly lucky I am to be able to get pregnant in the first place, and to be able to sustain the pregnancy. There are still parts that I LOVE. She’s …

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Feb 23

Birth Plan

Although why I bother, I’m not sure, neither of my prior birth experiences paid any attention to what I wanted… Going into labor with Jess seemed better though. I went into labor at home, stayed home for a couple of hours, waited until the contractions were five minutes apart for at least an hour and …

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Feb 21

I need help

My baby is due in less than ten weeks – and I’m still without a middle name. First name is Julianna, after Marc’s cousin and grandmother and I need a name that goes with it. I’ve already nixed Rose because it’s Lilli’s middle name, and Grace, because it’s too popular. Marc doesn’t like Sophie. As …

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Feb 20

Have settled into that delightfully, hugely pregnant mode

I’m just a walking incubator these days. Am gaining all kinds of weight (up until the 28 week appt, I had only gained seven pounds, and three of them were between weeks 24 and 28), but I’m starving now, a lot of the time, and the baby is moving constantly. My hips are sore, I’m …

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Feb 19

February vacation

Can I just state for the record that I love vacation? I love not having to get Jessie dressed and fed and out the door by eight. I love the extra half hour that Marc and I can sit and drink coffee and talk in the mornings. I love the sound of Jess singing in …

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Feb 18

You know what’s really weird?

My body is already making milk for the baby. I walk around feeling all engorged these days, and it’s so odd. I’m still 10 weeks away from the due date and honestly, sometimes I forget that there’s a baby coming. I don’t forget that I’m pregnant, but don’t always remember that I’m going to have …

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Feb 17

Sometimes, it’s just magic

I have two children – and mostly, they get along great. Okay, mostly, it’s when I’m not here. I hear beautiful stories of them playing together and Jessie taking care of him and Sammy kissing her with cupcake frosting all over him when they’re with my mother. In public places, like if I go to …

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Feb 15

Just a little scared

Last night, we drove home kind of late. Kid late, not real person late, but we arrived home around eight-ish, and both kids were asleep. But they won’t stay asleep once we carry them inside anymore (they used to be great at that) and I ended up on my bed, with two sobbing, overtired children …

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