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Monthly Archive: July 2015

Jul 28


It’s been a shorter summer, because of all the snow days earlier this year.  We really only had July and August, and we’re down to the last month. It’s been a summer of changes, and I’m still catching my breath.  Starting work was more than a little overwhelming and I’m still not entirely used to …

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Jul 25

Vindicated Co-Sleeping Mama

I stumbled into the Attachment Parenting philosophy.  I don’t follow it slavishly, and I don’t follow a lot of the other lifestyle choices that seem to go along with it.  My kids eat cheetos and watch television.  I make them get their shots and brush their hair.  But I did pick them up all the …

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Jul 21

Operation Bunk Beds/Sleep in Said Bed

It was a busy weekend (as are they all, really).  We had been talking for a while about getting Julianna into a larger bed in Jessie’s bedroom.   Talking for a lot longer than we probably should have been, and not actually doing anything about it. I’m a co-sleeper from way back.  I slept with …

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Jul 14


This is the summer of minecraft, nail painting and spending time with Grammy.  It’s also the summer of me learning that everything is a trade-off.  If I choose to do one thing, than something else that I should have been doing is going to go unfinished.  Or never get started in the first place. My …

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Jul 10

Picnic Fridays

It doesn’t always work out.  Sometimes, you plan the perfect family outing, and in your head, it’s going to be wonderful.  Fun family memories that will make everyone smile twenty years from now. I’m thinking specifically about a mini-golfing trip from a week ago.  It sounded SO good.  We’d go mini-golfing, just the five of …

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Jul 09

Summer 2015

I could easily compose another blog post on maternal guilt. Especially because when I’m writing, most often what comes out in this blog is whatever emotion I happen to be bubbling over with at that moment.  And working seems to make me feel guiltier than I ever anticipated – especially as it relates to Julianna. …

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Jul 04

Start of Summer

It’s been a busy week or two around here at the Cohen house.  I’m working part-time, four days a week, and when I’m not working, I’m frantically trying to cram summer joy into the time I have left in the day.  The guilt, oh, the guilt over not being home full time with them this …

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