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Monthly Archive: April 2014

Apr 29

Lessons Learned After 12 Years

I never planned on getting married. I always wanted to have kids, and I always wanted to have a committed and involved dad for those kids.  But I didn’t know how to get from A-Z.  I didn’t know that a committed and involved dad was a lot easier (not necessary, but a hell of a …

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Apr 29

Happy birthday Julianna

My baby – my littlest, probably my last.   There are so many memories of my pregnancy with Julie, I remember staring at the first test, trying to decide if there was a second line or not.  I remember the first wave of nausea, and the times when I’d run to throw up.  Marc and …

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Apr 28

The blossoms are here, the blossoms are here

It’s like there was a memo that went out, and suddenly all the trees in my neighborhood are green.  We started playing the forsythia game last week sometime, where one of the kids hollers “FORSYTHIA!” and then we all high five.  There are days when my hand literally aches a little, from high fiving three …

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Apr 27

Farewell Spring Vacation

There aren’t that many April vacations, in the overall scheme of things.  And this is the last one where I’ll have an eleven year old, a seven year old, and the last full week that I’ll have a three year old.  As luck would have it, it was also the last week that I’d have …

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Apr 24

Throw Back Thursday – four years ago tomorrow

This is where I was and what I was doing… and here’s a pic of what my Sammy boy was doing (the first time he was brave enough to climb the green snakey thing at Elm Park. http://www.melissaannecohen.com/perhaps-im-not-pregnant-at-all/ Just really kind of pudgy. That’s why the baby isn’t coming out – I’ve just had really …

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Apr 23

Kosher for Passover

Last night, Passover ended.  We kept kosher for Passover, mostly.  Marc made it all the way thru the week, as per usual.  Jessie made it all the way thru as well, with the notable exception of Easter.  As she explained it, she likes to keep kosher for Passover, except for Easter at Grammy’s house.  Sam …

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Apr 20

Sammy can ride!

Teaching Miss Jessie to ride a bike was no easy feat (see this post from April, 2009).  We never really accomplished it -she just hated it.  Whereas my Sammy has loved his bike forever.  But, (crappy parent confession coming) – we never really pushed bike riding.  There were a couple of contributing factors.  They are Jessica …

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Apr 15

Passover and Kansas City

I’ve been lost in thought a lot, over the past day or so, thinking about the shooting in Kansas City and what it meant for me. For a woman who struggles with Jewish identity, and what it means for my children. For a woman who brings her baby to the Worcester JCC twice a week. …

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Apr 09

Mt. Saint Laundry

I used to love folding laundry.  Seriously.  It was my favorite household chore (outside of vacuuming).  The reason I liked it so much (laundry and vacuuming) is that it was one of the few chores where you can actually see the results.  Take a dirty, smelly laundry basket, whirl it thru the washer and dryer, …

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Apr 06

Quiet Mornings

There is something blissful about quiet, peaceful mornings, when it’s just me and a cup of coffee, and the whole house sleeping around me. Marc is asleep in our bed, and both girls are in their room (!!!).   Sam, for reasons that amuse me, is sound asleep on the couch.  Last night, we moved …

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