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Monthly Archive: September 2014

Sep 29

Career Options Currently Under Consideration by Kids

Jessica – 11 years old – A constitutional lawyer, because the Constitution is “cool” – A judge,  because she likes to be in charge – A balloon designer, because she’s got plans on a TLC mini-series – A preschool teacher – She wants to start an on-line bakery, move to a food truck, and then …

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Sep 28

My last weaning story

I’m not a particularly earthy-crunchy sort of parent.  My kids had pringle potato chips for lunch, yesterday, just as an example.  I yell, I do time-outs, I make my kids go to school when they really don’t want to, and I never did the cloth diaper thing.  Meant to, but never actually did. But I …

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Sep 24

L’Shana Tovah! Happy New Year!

Rosh Hashana starts tonight, and I’m still not ready. I mean, I’m literally not ready, in that my house is still messy, the apple cake is in the oven (and smells awesome) but the dishes aren’t done and my laundry is still piled up on the dining room table. I used to fold it in …

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Sep 13

Mothering Fail

We all have them, right?  Tell me we all have those days – when we just screw up magnificently.  Everything seems to go wrong, and the kids are wretched, and you start to have that feeling that maybe you are really, really  messing up this whole parenting thing, and your kids are growing up to be …

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Sep 12

Being the Youngest is Hard – actually, everything’s hard when you’ve got a cold….

My poor Julie has had a tough week. She’s at the mercy of everyone else’s schedule these days, and stuck in the car for hours on end.  Picking up kids all over Worcester, eating lunch in the car because we don’t have time to go home.  I try to make it fun – but it still …

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Sep 10

Controlled Chaos

I’m still here, my poor little blog.  I don’t mean to be so incredibly neglectful, it’s just that my life has suddenly gotten ridiculously busy. Everything changes, in life.  I mean, it changes in everyone’s life, but when you have children, the stages and milestones come so quickly.  As soon as you get used to …

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Sep 03

Back to School Schedule

I’m tired.  Already.  School has been in session for a week now, and I’m worn out. I start the mornings at around six-ish every morning.  Jessie is almost always up, and she’s showering and puttering around.  I wake Sam up around quarter of seven.  I try to get the lunches packed the night before (and …

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