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Monthly Archive: August 2014

Aug 29

First Day of Second Grade – My Sammy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “middle” in terms of Sam. Sam’s my middle child, and I’m aware of all of the stereotypes.  I’m also a big believer in birth order, and I think it’s fascinating to look at your family through that lens and wonder how much of their personality has to do …

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Aug 27

First Day of School – my Jessie

Jessie is starting middle school this year.   She’s riding a school bus for the first time, a completely new environment, new teachers, new students.  Everything is different and strange, for both of us.   Our last new school was five years ago, when she started kindergarten.  She moved schools the following year, but she …

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Aug 22

Back To School

This year, I’ll have a sixth grader, a second grader, and a last year before kindergarten preschooler.   I’ll have three kids, at three different schools, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little bit scared about what that’ll mean.  The drop off doesn’t throw me, that’s easy.  I drop Sam …

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Aug 21

Ready for Fall

Confession time – it’s been a rough summer. I don’t like saying that, because I tend towards the belief that perspective matters, and while I can’t necessarily change the reality, I can change the way I look at it.  BUT – it’s kind of a relief to just admit that it hasn’t been all sunshine …

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Aug 20

Blog Focus

I’m in a bit of a writing mid-life crisis – and just as I was pondering and over-analyzing and debating on my goals and plans for the blog, I read my bloggy friend Georgia’s latest blog post.  I love Georgia’s blog, and if you aren’t reading it yet, you really should.   It looks like …

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Aug 19

Three Musketeers

I’m in the middle of a blog post – sort of a manifesto, call to arms, mission statement sort of post on my other computer.  I’m also in the middle of rearranging Jessie’s bedroom and doing laundry and contemplating baking cookies – but that’s another story.  But I’m going to hold off on all of …

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Aug 12


When I was a kid, my grandparents lived across the street from the golf course.  On clear nights, my grandfather would walk us across the street and through the woods with flashlights and we’d lay on the grass and watch the stars.  He’d bring his telescope and it was the closest thing to magic that …

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Aug 11

My Interview at Tiny Blue Lines

Chaunie is one of my favorite writers, and her book Tiny Blue Lines  is one of those books that inspires you.  I had my own very unplanned pregnancy, and it changed my whole world.  I love this book, and her blog not just because we both shared the experience of having our entire lives turned upside down because …

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Aug 09

Why My House is a Disaster

I could clean.  I mean, I could.  I know that.  I did.  Just today, I’ve done two loads of laundry, made three beds, four loads of dishes.  I woke up this morning and did laundry before coffee was ready, even. But you’d never believe me if you could see my house right now.  My dining …

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Aug 09

Blueberry Picking

We’re an apple picking family.  I’ve gone apple picking every year since my first nephew was born – and that’s close to twenty years ago (!!!!).  I’ve wandered around the apple orchard with my babies in slings and carriers, and nursed at least two of them in the hayride over to the orchard.  I love …

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