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Monthly Archive: August 2008

Aug 26

Family – and why it sucks

I grew up in what used to be known as a ‘broken home.’ My mom was a single mom, not a divorced mom who co-parented and received copious amounts of child support, but an actual single mom. My dad was nowhere around, and when he was, I mostly wished he’d go away again. I am …

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Aug 25

Last Monday of Summer

Not technically, as Jess doesn’t start school until next Tuesday or Wednesday (should probably figure that out) but next Monday is Labor Day – so this is my last official Monday of the summer (defining summer as the three months that the kids are out of school). It’s been a GREAT summer. We’ve been unbelieveably …

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Aug 20

just checking in

End of the summer – and there’s just not that much going on… we’re counting down the days until Jessie starts kindergarten, and trying to work out transportation and Hebrew School issues. Marc is tired, of course, and overworked and under exercised. I’m happy and content as could be… Sam is getting bigger and bigger, …

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Aug 14


Much going on in my little world of child raising… we’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to get Jess to stay dry at night – to the point where the poor kid was trying so hard and waking up soggy every morning. I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night to bring her to the …

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Aug 12

Have you ever watched a pot of water boil?

And am I lame because I have? I made myself a hot dog last night (PMS – I was eating everything that wasn’t nailed down). And with nothing else to do for a few minutes, kids and husband all asleep, I stood there and watched the pot of water. It’s magical, really it is. It’s …

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Aug 11

Still pretty tired

Not too much going on today, for a Monday. No Harrison still, so I’m just hanging with my two cherubs. Sam’s asleep and Jessie’s busy in her room. I’m loving that Jess can play for so long by herself, I think it’s adorable.

Aug 07

Broken windows, marriage check up and “no, walk”

Jessica Mary, my precious little love, slammed her fist into a window yesterday and broke it… she was having a temper tantrum, I had put her in my room to calm down and she responded by pounding on the door. As luck would have it, half of the door is glass, and it broke. No …

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Aug 05


It’s just my favorite day of the week. I mean, sure, I like Monday, because it’s back to the routine, and I love my routine. And Wednesday is nice, because it’s the middle of the week, the night that Marc is almost always home, and the day before the Office is on. Thursday, because that’s …

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Aug 04

Reasons I Love My Husband

(In no particular order) – He always stops if there’s a car on the side of the road… flat tire needs to be changed, car accident, people pulling over for a rest, doesn’t matter, he stops to make sure that everyone is okay. Even when we’re running late, and have a carful of children, and …

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