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Monthly Archive: July 2008

Jul 31


Now I’m hot. And tired. And minus one chair in the living room. The problem is that my rocking recliner that we got off of freecycle is so battered and beat up and just ugly I wanted to switch it out. I happen to have a lovely chair in my bedroom (yes, I keep extra …

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Jul 29

I’ve fallen in love with my little boy

Not that I didn’t love him before, because of course I did, but he’s TALKING now. We can have conversations and chat, and he’s so fascinating to me. He’s got this amazing sense of humor and he’s so sweet… I remember Jessie at this age, and it’s incredible to me that I lucked out to …

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Jul 27

temper tantrums

At five and a half, shouldn’t she be outgrowing this tendency? We just survived a major freak out fit, all starting because I couldn’t take my baby girl to see the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert that was in Worcester last year sometime. She barely managed to get herself under control when all hell broke loose …

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Jul 22


Why is it that when Marc’s not here (like tonight) my house is perfectly clean, my dishes not only washed, but put away, coffee made for tomorrow, both children clean, read to, and asleep by eight o’clock? When Marc is here, in theory, with two adults, it should be a million times easier to run …

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Jul 18

No conflict here…

Shabbat dinner is the part of Judaism I can really get behind… it was my favorite part from the very beginning. And I’m thrilled to betsy about it today… I have my challah rising, plans for everyone to get a nice bath and have the house clean and pretty in preparation. I think this is …

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Jul 17

She’s only little for a little while

Okay, so I kept my girl home from camp today. All was going well, I got her dressed and off to school fine, brought her inside, and she was uncharacteristically clingy. Like, wouldn’t get off my leg, clingy. But I presevered, gave her a kiss and put away her back pack and told her I’d …

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Jul 15

maybe I should just have another baby

Actually found myself thinking this earlier. I’m bored. I’m never bored. Sometimes bored, but never lonely. But I don’t have Harrison any more during the day, hopefully a temporary situation, and quite honestly, Sam is getting to be a lot bigger and more independent. By himself, and a lot of the time, he’s the only …

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Jul 11


Converting to any religion should be a big deal, but it seems as though converting to Judaism is a bigger deal than most. And it’s something that occupies my thoughts more and more these days, struggling to honor who I am and what I want to raise my children with and reconciling that with my …

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Jul 09

I don’t get it

So I’m sitting on the comfy chair, nursing my mostly sleeping toddler when Jessie and her buddy Glennys come flying out of the bedroom. There’s a bug in there, and they had to evacuate. So I say, go kill it. They both explain that they aren’t going to do it, and I take a deep …

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Jul 08

How do you know you’ve made an impact?

At this very moment, my daughter is sitting in her chair, her baby doll nursing under a nursing blanket “because she needs privacy, Mommy.” My son may be the only two year old boy in the world who walks around pretending to have a baby in his belly. He’s folded a baby doll in half …

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