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Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 23

Quabbin Reservoir

My grandfather and I had a special relationship. I was the oldest in a single parent family, and for a while, we lived with my grandparents. My grandfather and I were readers, and I know that a big part of who I am today can be traced back to his influence. Not only did he …

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Jul 23

What’s that strange noise?

I woke up super early this morning, because there was this odd sound… took me a few minutes to orient myself, and realize that it was actually RAINING.  It’s been a hot, hot summer so far, with a ton of humidity and very little rain.  It’s drizzling now, and I’m pleased on behalf of my …

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Jul 19

Mid-July Status Report

I haven’t blogged in a while.  Probably for a couple of reasons, but one of the biggies is that I’m just flat out heat stunned by how freaking HOT it is in Massachusetts this summer.  We’re on day 58 of this massive heat wave, and I’m holed up in the house with all the kids. …

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Jul 09

I think I might be a hoarder

I’m probably not.  Because I’m pretty sure that I can throw most of this crap away easily enough.  Maybe it’s just that I’ve got three kids and a husband who ignores everything in the house that doesn’t immediately impact him.  So if there are piles of paper tipping over on the desk, he doesn’t see …

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Jul 08

Maudlin Monday

Last night, Julie was disturbed.  As she is, at times, she was sobbing because one of her siblings, I can’t remember which, was “being a jerk” to her.  Whenever you do anything that displeases her, that’s her go to insult.  So she wandered over to be, heartbroken and sad, and I picked her up and …

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Jul 05

To my son, on the eve of his seventh birthday

Dear Sam – At seven years old, I can see, sometimes, just a little bit, the man you’ll be some day.    Smart, so smart, and such a good, good man.   When people speak of you, the first thing they always say to me is that you are such a sweet, sweet boy.  You …

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Jul 02

Three year olds and God

There’s something about that age, for my kids, anyway.  Three is where they start to get a concept of God – and I find it absolutely magical. When Jessica Mary was three, she was so fascinated by the concept of God that I started looking much more seriously at Judaism, because I wanted a strong …

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Jul 01

Listen my children, and you shall hear

So we went to the library yesterday.  Which was somewhat of a fiasco, due to a toddler who shall remain nameless but chose to sob unrelentingly throughout the entire experience.  I remember thinking that this girl was no joke when it came to teething, and she still isn’t.  But I was able to get books …

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