Julianna is a drama queen.

Having raised one before, you’d think I’d be better at it.  But the truth is that when you’re raising a drama queen, there’s no one solution that will always work.  You can try indulging it, you can try fighting it.  You can ignore it, but it rarely goes away on it’s own.

She and Jessie are so alike that’s it’s frustrating for everyone.  I have to mentally remind myself that they are not, in fact, the same person just separated by seven years.   They’re both brilliant and imaginative, with huge emotions, a tendency to hold a grudge, and a fiercely independent streak that makes everything harder than it needs to be.

Sam’s still the one that I think of as my easiest kid – which is ironic, as he’s the one with an anxiety disorder, a print disability and still gets stomach pain severe enough to require meds a few times a month.  But he is easier, in a lot of ways.  He flows with it – whatever it is.  Unless of course, it’s something that he absolutely refuses to do.


Ah – summer is over.  And I’m happy about it.  This was an ODD summer.  It started out strong, with the trip Hermit Island.  But then Lucky died, and Sam stopped sleeping for a month.   We got Lizzie, and our world revolved around potty training the dog.

So it wasn’t a BAD summer.  Not exactly.  We lost Lucky, which was horrible, but we got Lizzie, and she’s adorable and cute and puppilicious all the livelong day.

Jessica Mary danced off to high school like she had done a zillion times before.  Except that we couldn’t figure out where we were supposed drop her off, so we followed the bus and ended up driving right back out of the school parking lot.  But the second time around went better and she got out of the car.

Julianna was delighted about going back to school, but got clingy at the drop off.  Not Sam-level of clingy, but sad and a little weepy.  She missed Lizzie, and was pretty sure that she needed to go home and take care of her.  She’s in second grade, and I know for a fact that Jessie seemed so much older when she was in second grade.  Julie still seems little to me.  I know that it’s my issue – she’s not technically any younger than Jessie was when she entered 2nd grade (well, three months, but still).  But Julie is my baby, and I think I’m going to always think of her as younger than she is.  She looked so beautiful, in her little dress and braids.

Sam and I are embarking on our second year of homeschooling and I think we’re both pretty excited about it.  Last year, the first day of school for the girls was hard for me, it felt like Sam was missing out on everything.  I hated seeing the kids he used to go to school with traipse past me on their way to fourth grade.  But today, it felt different. The longer I’m homeschooling him, the more I think this is so exactly what we should have been doing all along with him, and the more ridiculous it seems to have him go to public school.



It’s been an odd summer in many ways.  We started out strong, but then Lucky died.  That quickly spun into this three week disaster of Sam not sleeping at all night and only sleeping during the day, which effectively killed any homeschooling/summer adventures we had planned.  Then we got Elizabeth Mocha Latte Tallulah Boo Cohen, and quickly realized that having a sort-of-not-really housebroken baby puppy meant that we were doing that for the rest of the summer.

Despite all of that- it was still a really lovely summer.  Marc started his new job at the beginning of June, and there were six weeks of absolute hell, in terms of his schedule.  But it’s gotten significantly better.  Even when the schedule was a disaster, he was so much happier and lighter and more relaxed.  It’s a job that’s incredibly demanding on a physical and mental level, but it’s hard in ways that he’s super good.  He’s successful at it, and still has time to eat dinner with us a lot of the time.  That – more than anything – has led to an overall sense of family well being.

Jessie had her week in Boston, and worked her little butt off all summer on her homework for high school.  She’s finished with the tough stuff now, and reading a Harry Potter book for fun.  She’s thriving – she’s just this gorgeous, focused, and fun kid – if this is what high school looks like, I like it a lot.

Sam and I are still working on homeschooling.  The summer hasn’t been as productive as I would have liked, but he’s still learning and growing.  We’re plowing ahead in science, history, and math, and he’s continuing with his audio book obsession.  I’m looking forward to the next year – I love homeschooling, and I think it’ll continue to be the best choice for us.  For him.

My Julie is probably the one going thru the most change right now.  She’s growing up a lot, assuming more personal responsibility, taking on a more active and vocal role in the family.  She’s the little one, the baby, and it’s not always easy or fun to be in that place.   She and Jessie squabble all the time, and it’s frustrating because it seems as though they’re the same person, arguing the same point, just separated by seven years.  There are times when I’m wishing that school would start up, just to get them separated for a few hours.

Summer is winding down, and I’m looking forward to fall.  Pumpkins and apple picking, sweaters and sneakers, and hopefully some down time, some weekends when we’re all home and chill, and nights when we’re all together and happy.