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Monthly Archive: August 2017

Aug 31

The drama of it all

Julianna is a drama queen. Having raised one before, you’d think I’d be better at it.  But the truth is that when you’re raising a drama queen, there’s no one solution that will always work.  You can try indulging it, you can try fighting it.  You can ignore it, but it rarely goes away on …

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Aug 28

First Day of School!

Ah – summer is over.  And I’m happy about it.  This was an ODD summer.  It started out strong, with the trip Hermit Island.  But then Lucky died, and Sam stopped sleeping for a month.   We got Lizzie, and our world revolved around potty training the dog. So it wasn’t a BAD summer.  Not …

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Aug 14

Still here

It’s been an odd summer in many ways.  We started out strong, but then Lucky died.  That quickly spun into this three week disaster of Sam not sleeping at all night and only sleeping during the day, which effectively killed any homeschooling/summer adventures we had planned.  Then we got Elizabeth Mocha Latte Tallulah Boo Cohen, …

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