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Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 24

I cleaned all day – and my house is in shambles

What’s up with that???  Oh yeah, I’ve got kids. I was diligent today.  Made all three beds, did four loads of laundry.  Swept out all of the bedrooms, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the living room three times, cleaned the downstairs playroom, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.  And yet, I look around – and my dining …

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Mar 23


You’d think that I’d be good at this by now… but now that Julianna is mobile, I’ve got to relearn it all.  I also have to reteach Marc and Jessie and introduce Sam to the concept that anything, anytime, anywhere that Julianna could possibly reach – if you leave anything out, she’s going to get …

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Mar 22

A night at my house

Sam had started sneezing and coughing mid-afternoon last night, so I was pretty sure that he was coming down with something.  Marc and I, while somehow miraculously managing to maintain a completely happy, loving relationship, rarely manage to sleep alone in the same bed.  Last night was no exception.  I had recorded an episode of …

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Mar 21

Purim, birthday celebrations, and why coffee makes my world go ’round

Last year, I had the most miserable time at my synagogue’s Purim Carnival.  It was the culmination of years of crappy Purim celebrations – starting when Jessica was about a year and a half, and the rabbi dressed in a gorilla costume and scared the daylights out of her.  I remember a couple of years …

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Mar 15

I must remember to use my powers only for good

My husband is scary smart.  Photographic memory, intellectually inclined anyway, and just really kind of all around brilliant.  He’s way smarter than I am about all kinds of things – but I kick his butt on emotional issues.  I’m a talker, a communicator – there’s little I like more than just analyzing the emotional ramifications …

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Mar 13

I’m interesting too – or why being a SAHM is such a conversation killer

I went out to dinner with a big group of people the other night.  I knew a couple of them very well, a couple I knew by sight and some I’d never met before.  And I was the only SAHM mom in the bunch.  It was just odd… so much of the conversation seemed to …

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Mar 08

Remember me?

I know – it’s been years since I’ve posted.  There’s been a lot going on – nothing of major, life altering import, but it’s been busy and hectic around here, and it’s hard to find time to check in and blog.  Even now, I’m typing with Julianna bouncing face down across my lap.  That’s her …

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