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Monthly Archive: April 2013

Apr 28

I’d do it again in heartbeat.

It was my toughest pregnancy, by far.  I ended up on nausea meds with my other two kids, but with Julianna, the morning sickness seemed worse.  And the itching – oh God, the itching.  My skin was so dry, and nothing seemed to help.  I was contracting all the time, and I wanted to have …

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Apr 27

Daddy’s girl

My Jessica wasn’t ever really a Daddy’s girl.  Not like the other three girls were.  Lilli and Sarah were always close with him, and Julianna thinks the sun rises and sets with her Yaya.  But Jessie was always my girl.  Not that she didn’t love her Daddy, of course she did, and he’s always adored …

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Apr 25

Allergies/cold/what the hell is wrong with my eye?

I feel like my kids don’t get sick all that often.  Exception for the past month, which included two concussions and a thumb injury, they don’t ever get injured.  And I’ve never had allergies before in my life.  Julianna, in particular, tends to be a really healthy kid (due in large part to nursing – …

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Apr 24


I don’t like it.  Mostly because it’s completely thankless, never ending, and really, it’s like shoving a big rock up hill.  Even if you manage to get it up to the top of the hill, the kids are only going to come home from school and it’ll be a disaster by dinner. But today’s my …

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Apr 23

Only as happy as your least happy child

So that’s not a good mantra.  I understand that.  And really, with the drama and intensity that my kids have when it comes to temper tantrums, it’s not a good prescription for my own mental health.  There has to be distance, for their sake as well as my own.  If I allowed myself to get …

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Apr 21

My cuddlebug

Jessica Mary is ten years old.  And quite independent, most of the time.   Specifically, she never sleeps in our bed anymore.   Which is normal and natural and perfectly fine… except that last night, Marc and Sam were sleeping over at Battleship Cove with the Boy Scouts, and Jessie crawled into bed with me …

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Apr 20

Writing Haitus

I’m back!  I took a week or so off from blogging and writing, not intentionally, really.  Part of it was that I had all the kids home for vacation, so things were crazy and hectic.  But a bigger part of it was that I had just finished taking a book proposal class and needed some …

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Apr 18


It’s hard for me.   For a whole bunch of different reasons – one of which I’m pretty sure is because I had my kids late (compared to my siblings – I was 29, with three younger siblings and nine nieces and nephews before Jessica was born).  I had also been the family babysitter for …

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Apr 15

Thoughts after a busy weekend

– Sam is kind of in a unique position as the only boy among all the girls.  I wonder how that’ll impact him throughout his life.  We spent yesterday at the zoo, with five Cohen girls and one Cohen boy.  He stands out because he’s the youngest (Julie is so much younger than the girls …

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Apr 11

Being a baby

Julianna isn’t a baby.  Not really.  She’s a few weeks away from turning three years old, but if you ask her, she’s still a baby.  She watches “baby shows” and likes “baby books.”  She also (and this is what inspired this post) likes her “baby potty.”  She’s been potty trained for a long time, we …

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