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Monthly Archive: June 2017

Jun 30

No Daddy Makes for a Sad Girl

Julie’s been a hot mess lately.   She’s clingy and sad, squabbling with her siblings all the time.   She pushes back every time I ask her to do anything (especially getting ready for bed) and I find myself getting more and more impatient with the tears and general whining and misery. I’m not entirely …

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Jun 27

Pep talk

I have pep talks I give myself. I’m kind of a pep talk queen.  I say that modestly, but really, I’m super good at summing up all of the good things going in any situation, and reciting it back in a cheerful tone of voice.  People seek me out (and by people, I mean my …

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Jun 22


I got a call this morning at four thirty, there is a missing nine year old boy in my neighborhood.  I immediately checked on my sleeping ten year old boy – just to confirm that there wasn’t a rogue kidnapper targeting tween boys, but he was okay.  I’ve been mildly freaking out ever since, thinking …

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Jun 21

I remember

I remember the first time I saw you, when I couldn’t quite catch my breath, and couldn’t stop shaking from the anesthesia, and I looked in your eyes, and suddenly, everything settled, and I was me again. I remember the first time you stopped crying when I whispered “shhh,” and I was convinced you were …

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Jun 10


Sam’s an atheist.  I like to think he’s an agnostic, but the truth is that my boy is firmly convinced that there is no God and there is only science.  You can only believe in what you can prove – and why would I want him to believe lies? This is just… wow.  I’m struggling …

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Jun 05

Lovely spring weekend

It was a lovely weekend.  It still seems surprising to me, that things are so EASY now. Friday night, we decided to go out for Marc’s birthday.  Going with all five kids to a restaurant is not an easy feat, because they all get loud and crazy, plus restaurants are still a little tricky for …

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Jun 03

Winding down and staying the course

The school year for the girls is almost over. The next two weeks are a whirlwind of field trips, doctor’s appointments, first semi-formal dances and awards.  Graduations (for Lilli and Jessie) are coming up.   Eighth and first grade are almost over.  They both had a really, really good year. After the chaos and confusion …

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