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Monthly Archive: October 2009

Oct 30

There’s nothing good to eat

At all. Anywhere. I can think of nothing appealing. I don’t have any cravings, exactly. I went thru a couple of weeks when all I ate was frozen mint milano cookies, then suddenly, those were repulsive and I couldn’t even think about them without wanting to vomit. Did the same thing with mandarin oranges, and …

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Oct 26

I’m the worst mother in the world

Just ask Jess. She’ll tell you. They say parenting isn’t easy. And when they say that, it’s not just because of the beginning, the nights of endless nursing, the ear infections, the fevers, the crying, the terrible twos. It’s because sometimes you have to intentionally make your kids miserable because making them happy would teach …

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Oct 26

Salem and Pumpkin Carving

Friday night – I went to Salem with the girls in my family. Not all of them, but there were 12 of us altogether and it was fabulous. Three of my aunts, my mother, my sister and two stepsister and two cousins. We had two side by side hotel rooms and just really loved every …

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Oct 22

Wait – hold on, I actually feel… okay :-)

I feel as though a fog is officially lifting – I think that I’m entering the second trimester – time of glory and sunshine. I felt REALLY good yesterday – still sick when I didn’t eat, but actual whole hours when I felt like myself, I got a TON of stuff done around the house, …

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Oct 20

Wow – morning sickness

I feel like I post about this a lot – but really, it’s most of my life these days… I feel almost newly pregnant today, unbelievably nauseated and sick to my stomach. Everything smells wretched and so strong and I dream of sleep. Fantasize about it, crawling into bed by myself, snuggling down into the …

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Oct 17

Freedom of Speech – and why am I so horrified?

(When it came time to pick an image – I’d rather go with a pro-Israel one, always) Was it Winston Churchill who said if you weren’t a liberal at 18, you had no heart, and if you weren’t conservative at 30, you had no brain? I can’t remember the exact quote, but something happened today …

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Oct 16


Sam’s got a thing for infomercials. Actually, Sam’s got a thing for his Daddy – and Marc is amused by Vince, the spokesman for the Slap Chop and the Sham Wow. My mother got the slap chop and my sister got the sham wow, and they were both so charmed by Sam’s obvious joy in …

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Oct 15

Mental Health Day and 12 Week checkup

Called a mental health day today for Miss Jessica. She’s missed only one day so far, when she was sick, and quite honestly, I think she just needed a quiet day when she’s sitting at home, with no other older girls here, just relaxing, reading, watching television. Even though she only had four days this …

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Oct 12


Jess wanted a sleepover this weekend, so Saturday night, I invited my old neighbor Glennys to spend the night. We first met Annie and John (Glenny’s parents) when we moved into the apartment below them just before Sam was born. Gradually, Glennys came to be just another member of our family – in fact, I …

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Oct 10

Weaning – again

I hesitate to post on this – mostly because I don’t like getting the negative comments (from anonymous, every time) about how ridiculous it is that I’m still nursing a child who’s over three… but it’s really a big issue for me, so I’m going to be brave. Let me say first that I loved …

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