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Category Archive: conversion to Judaism

Feb 27

A Good Jew

I’m Jewish.  I formally converted almost five years ago, under a Conservative rabbi and before a Conservative Beit Din.  I studied for almost a year, and that was after close to seven years of independent study on my own.  I’m an active member of the synagogue, President of the Sisterhood, an accomplished chicken soup with …

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Jun 30


Yesterday afternoon, I formally converted to Judaism. When I first met Marc, and immediately got pregnant :-), I was completely freaked out about the fact that he was Jewish. I didn’t know ANYONE who was Jewish and the thought of trying to balance out his traditions with mine was really scary. I knew that I …

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Jul 18

No conflict here…

Shabbat dinner is the part of Judaism I can really get behind… it was my favorite part from the very beginning. And I’m thrilled to betsy about it today… I have my challah rising, plans for everyone to get a nice bath and have the house clean and pretty in preparation. I think this is …

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Jul 11


Converting to any religion should be a big deal, but it seems as though converting to Judaism is a bigger deal than most. And it’s something that occupies my thoughts more and more these days, struggling to honor who I am and what I want to raise my children with and reconciling that with my …

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