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Feb 25

So not ready…

Julianna is not nursing anywhere near as much any more.  She’s cut way down during the day, nursing really just for naps and maybe once or twice, but only for a few minutes each time.  She still nurses several times at night – and I’m not in any rush to see that end.  She’s not even ten months old!  It took me three and half years to get Sam to this point 🙂

I never planned on nursing Sam as long as I did – in fact, I actively wanted to stop for about two years before he finally weaned.  I assumed that Julianna would nurse at least thru her first birthday, and hopefully closer to eighteen months or so.  But really, I think I could replace the day time nursing with a bottle without any kind of struggle, and the night nursing won’t last much longer either. 

I’m wistful… somehow it seemed as though her babyhood is over.  She’s pulling herself up more and more, crawling (okay, only backwards, but she’s still acheived a measure of independant movement), and talking (she’s saying “uh oh”).  I’m looking at her and she’s two seconds away from toddlerhood – and I miss those days when she was so tiny. 

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