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Dec 27

Kid Update – 15 random facts about Jessica

1 – She consistently self identifies as the “middle child,” despite the fact that in reality, 90% of her time is spent as the oldest of three.

2 – She dotes on her baby sister, but seems firmly convinced that her little brother is out to get her.

3 – She really likes reading, but it’s not the love of reading that I hoped she’d inherit from me.  She’ll read and enjoy it, but it’s not her favorite activity.

4 – She’s very poised and confident with other adults.  Probably comes from being the oldest (despite what she thinks – she IS my oldest).  I can send her into the dry cleaners or the store to grab something without hesitation.

5 – She’s got major drama tendencies, and with very little provocation, can sink into an all encompassing sobbing fit.  It’s not depression, it’s like an overwhelming embrace of whatever feeling she happens to have.

6 – She’s incredibly thoughtful.  By that, I don’t mean that she’s incredibly considerate, although she certainly can be.  But she THINKS about stuff, very much an in her head kind of kid.  She’s got a lot of questions and theories on how the world works that I find fascinating.

7 – She still sleeps with her teddy and special blankie.  And honestly, she’s almost always rather sleep in my bed than not.

8 – She’s majorly afraid of heights.  Being picked up over Marc’s head freaks her out.  A lot.

9 – She’s really, really good at math.  Doesn’t like it – but is really good at it.

10 – She’s achingly polite.  If offered something, she’ll more than often, politely refuse, rather than have someone put the effort into getting it for her.  Especially if we’re at someone’s house and they offer her something to eat or drink.

11 – She’s got a definite style, a specific way of dressing that amuses me.  Because it’s so different from me – I wear whatever I can find and hope it’s clean, but she’s very distinct in her likes and dislikes.  Won’t wear jeans, hates sneakers, but will don a scarf and pair of oversized sunglasses and look like a movie star.

12 – She will resist taking a shower or a bath, but once in there, will often refuse to get out until she’s totally out of hot water.

13 – She really, really likes cosmetics, perfume, etc.  She carries a little purse filled with nail polish and lip gloss and sunglasses and is never happier than when she’s in front of a mirror, beautifying herself.

14 – She’s terrified of loose teeth.  Marc forcibly removed a loose tooth (actually two) when she was five, and she’s freaked out now about anyone touching her teeth when they’re loose.

15 – She’s amazingly sensitive, achingly sweet, and incredibly stubborn at times.  She’s my angel girl, my first little baby, and I’m always, always stunned and grateful that I got lucky enough to have a daughter like her.

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