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Aug 20

Weekend Updates

I had an utterly lovely weekend.  It wasn’t all hearts and flowers, but mostly, the weekend was fabulous and I’m feeling very grateful and content this morning.  Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and ran errands with all three kids all day long.  We hit the dry cleaners (getting lollipops for the kids, hope they’re always that easy to please), dropped off four big bags of clothes at Savers, went to the library (because as Jessie said “Mommy needs to load up on books.”  To which I responded “Hey, some mommies drink” – there are worse habits to have than needing a steady supply of fresh reading material).  Then we hit Walmart, and lost literally hours there.  Part of it was that poor Sammy lost his little mind, and had to be carried kicking and screaming out of the store for a time out because we refused to pony up the $50 for a new Batman castle and then we couldn’t find each other afterwards.  But we bought all kinds of party supplies and shopped for rest of the week.

After we got home, I put Jules down for a nap, and the kids puttered about.  Marc’s parents came over for dinner, and Julie has recently fallen in love with her “Wafta.”  The kids call his parents Papa and Safta (Hebrew for Grandmother).  So that was lovely to see – Julie was so excited she was coming over and stacked up books for her to read.  Wouldn’t eat dinner until she arrived, and stayed right by her side until she left.  I let the kids stay up ridiculously late Saturday night, because they were playing SO well together.  When they like each other, I’m reluctant to stop them.  So they were overtired a little to start…

But Sunday dawned bright and sunshiney – and the pinata that Marc had been building diligently burst in the stove (where we had put it to bake).  So off to Walmart again to get a store bought one.  We had water guns, water balloons and a pinata and Sam’s sixth birthday party was really really nice.  Sarah and Jessie hung out a little with the kids, but seven six year old boys and water guns spelled disaster for older sisters, and they quickly retreated to the living room and Disney movies.  Julie got to finger paint with one of the boys’ little sister.

After everyone left, Marc and I cleaned everything up, and then made homemade soft pretzels with all five kids.

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