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Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 12

You’re going to miss this

So I listen to country music.  Not all the time, mostly I listen to Laurie Berkner singing about her boots and dinosaurs, or a CD we got from PJ Library that’s filled with Hebrew (which is a language I completely don’t understand).  But occasionally, I do shut off the kids CD’s and put on grown …

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Mar 10

King Arthur and boys

I’m always searching for new stuff for my kids to read.  Part of it is that I love reading so much, and I have so many great memories of books that I loved as a kid, and part of it is just that I’m at the library so much for myself, it’s now just part …

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Mar 09

Working from home

I’ve been a stay at home for years now.  And blogging was just something I fit in there.   Like reading a book, it was something I did in between everything else, and could put it down to get a drink or break up a fight, play a quick game of hide and seek or …

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Mar 08

Forgetful Friday – because I forgot Way Back Wednesday

This is a post from when I was pregnant with Julie – and the reason I picked it was because I was thinking longingly of being pregnant the other day, but then I remember how incredibly hard it was to be pregnant with other kids, and trying to balance out meeting the other kids’ needs. …

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Mar 07

There be dragons

Julianna is afraid of dragons. Which you wouldn’t think would be all that big of a deal, I mean, it’s not like the streets of Worcester are teeming with them. But, oddly enough, there’s a ton of them on educational kids television. Perhaps educational is a bit of a stretch, but I’m talking about the …

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Mar 02


I’m a horrible cook.  I don’t enjoy it, and I frequently put stuff on the stove and then wander away, get distracted and come back just in time (if I’m lucky) to whisk the pan off the heat before it burns.  I’m not a creative cook, I can do a couple of things well, I’m …

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