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Mar 09

Working from home

I’ve been a stay at home for years now.  And blogging was just something I fit in there.   Like reading a book, it was something I did in between everything else, and could put it down to get a drink or break up a fight, play a quick game of hide and seek or to answer homework questions.  But lately, I’ve been trying to get more serious about it.  Like starting the website, and working on the book proposal, and I’m finding it next to impossible to get anything done when all three kids are home.  Which is why I’m up at six o’clock, and sitting at the computer.

We had another snow day yesterday, so I’ve been home with all three kids for two days now.  And despite that, I’ve still gotten a lot done, but it’s been achingly slow, and on several occasions, I’ve had to just shut off the computer and vow not to go near it for a while.  Because when it’s up and running, it’s so easy to try and get something quick done – and yesterday, while multitasking, I accidentally deleted half of the market and platform portion of the book proposal.  Painful, but a good lesson on why I need to only try and do important things when everyone is otherwise occupied.

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