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Oct 10

Topics I Should Be Blogging About

I started this blog back in January 2008, which means I’ve got close to seven years of steady blogging.  But lately, blogging is getting harder and harder.  Everything is different now, my schedule is all over the place, and I’m missing out on that TIME.  The quiet time when it’s just me and the computer (even if it’s just fifteen minutes), I don’t have that so much anymore.  My days are spent in the car, I’ve always got dishes to be done, and I’m never caught up on the laundry.  I’m not complaining – this seems like the natural progression for my family.  I’ve been a stay at home mom for eight years, and for those eight years, I was pretty much at “at home” mom.  I baked, I cleaned, I went to the park.   I nursed my babies, and gave them long and luxurious naps.

Those days are gone.  My kids are all in school (even though Julie’s only going two mornings a week), and they’re all thriving.   Marc is working a thousand hours a week, and I’m the one who makes it all happen.  Literally – I drive them all where they need to go.   Yesterday, I drove Sam to school, came home and picked up the girls.  Dropped Jessie at school, dropped Julie at school.  Came home and picked up my aunt Aimee,went shoe shopping, dropped her off at the bus station.  I came back and picked up Marc, dropped him at work, picked up Julie from preschool.  We went grocery shopping, came home, had lunch, did the dishes, then picked up Sam.  The two little kids and I tried to go shopping for Halloween costumes, but struck out.   So then we picked up Harrison from school, and drove to Jessie’s school.  The kids played on the hill while we waited, and then I picked up Jessie.  We came home, I made dinner, and hung out with Joy, Harrison’s mom, when she came to pick him up for a little bit.  Then I packed them all back in the car, and took them Halloween shopping.  Grabbed Marc from work at eight, and then came home.  And that’s a totally typical day for me.

But there is exciting stuff going here – stuff that totally deserves a blog post.  Julie is “blossoming” at preschool, according to her teacher.  Participating and talking, doing art projects and making friends.  She LOVES going, and I never take that for granted.  Last year, things were a lot tougher, and in retrospect, I’m so glad that we stuck it out, because she’s so happy at school this year.  Sam’s adjustment to second grade has been absolutely perfect, his reading skills have taken off, and his anxiety is so much calmer.  It’s not that it’s gone, it’s that it’s so much more manageable.  Jessica is probably the one who’s changed the most lately – she’s changing faster than a toddler, everything is new and different and, when it’s not unbelievably stressful because WOW, can those moods shift quickly – it’s kind of awesome.  She’s discovering everything, so fast and so beautifully.

So I’m hoping to carve more time out for blogging in the future.  Because there’s a lot of STUFF going on around here, and I don’t want to miss it.

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