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Nov 25

Waking my baby for preschool

I’m not good at it.

She’s only four, and I find myself thinking that the sleep will do her more good than the two hours of playing and running around that she’s going to do.  Plus it’s swim today, and Girlfriend hates swim.  I know she has to learn, I know it’s part of the class (and part of why I signed her up for the class in the first place), but Tuesday mornings are becoming my least favorite of all the mornings.  Because her day starts with tears and ramps up until they have to pry her off of me at drop off.

Okay, that only happened once, but it had an impact.

Sam’s staying home today too.  I don’t really think he’s sick, but he might be.  Stomach ache, head hurting, maybe his head is a little warm.  Of course, one of the realities is that EVERY kid’s head is a little warm when they first crawl out of bed, but he sounded really pathetic when he asked if he could stay home.  He rarely asks, and it’s the day before Thanksgiving.  How much are they really going to learn?

So two of my kids are home today, and one is still sound asleep.  I did try to wake her.  I turned on the light and knocked hard on the door.  That’s after singing to her, and gently calling her name.  Then I crawled into bed next to her and rubbed her back.   She kept snoring.

Life is short, and one missed morning at preschool isn’t going to make a difference, in the overall scheme of things.

Plus, is this not a girl who generally embraces the day?  


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