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Dec 03

Mornings still aren’t my favorite

It’s the only time when I’m really alone, and awake.  I end up falling asleep after I get the kids in bed (actually, I’m ashamed to admit that Jessie has stayed up later than me on more than one occasion…).  But mornings – that’s the time when I’m awake, can get things done without little voices talking to me, and prepare myself for the upcoming battles.

(this is from a few years ago, but she still sleeps with a dozen stuffed aniumals and looks like an angel)

Not that I’m battling with the kids – because mostly I’m not.  It’s not perfect, but for the most part, they roll out of bed, and start getting ready.  But getting them to eat, finding socks (WHERE do they all go???), and packing the lunches are never ever fun, never ever easy, and on mornings like this, when I’m still groggy and the two cups of coffee haven’t done anything to help… the idea of getting up and actually starting this process is overwhelming.

I woke up at five thirty, and then remembered that Jessie needed her GSA t-shirt.  I thought it was in the dryer,but if it wasn’t, I’d be in trouble.  It was, so in theory, I could have gone back to bed for a bit, but then I saw the Elf.  Marc didn’t move him last night, so I had to find a spot to shove him.  At this point, the coffee I’d started when I got up was ready, so I poured some and decided I’d take advantage of being up so early – and promptly tripped on the laptop cord, dumping the coffee and dropping the computer.

Tempting to give up and go back to bed… but the minutes keep clicking by and the time when I need to go poke kids is creeping ever closer.

Is it Friday yet??


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