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Jun 14

Lessons Learned 2015-2016

It’s been an… interesting year.  One kid in seventh, one in third and one in kindergarten, I started the year in a much different place than I’m ending.  Last year, at this time, I had just returned to the workforce after more than a decade as a stay at home mom.   And on my first day of work, my son threw up in the classroom and spent two hours in the nurse’s office because I had turned my phone on silent and didn’t get the call that he was sick.

There have been a lot of changes, some good, some scary, and some permanent.  Some will hopefully continue to change and improve over the next year.   We had three hospital stays, one broken elbow, three spinal taps, two CAT scans, three MRI’s, and four pairs of lost glasses and one emergency brain surgery.  We survived a bat mitzvah.  One of my best friends moved far, far away.  Everyone I worked with quit, and we got a dog.  Sam lost vision in one eye, Julianna learned to read, and Jessie won Best Negotiator at her first Model UN conference.   Marc opened his own office, and six months after moving in, is still unpacking the boxes.

So I’m limping to the finish line this June.  My goal for the next two and a half months is just to heal.  Spend time with my kids, with my husband, and with myself.  Walk my fat little dog, de-clutter the house.  Hit the beach – a lot.  Eat ice cream for breakfast, sleep late every day, and stop racking up late charges at the library.  Finish the blanket I started crocheting for Sammy five years ago.  Teach Julianna to ride her bike, coax Sammy back into riding his.  I want to be tan this year, I want to drink margaritas, and actually spend my Christmas gift certificate for a fancy dinner out with my husband.

The summer of 2016 is going to be a summer of rebuilding, of recovering and of discovery.  We’re going on field trips, we’re going to explore New England and take day trips and go camping.

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