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Oct 10

Columbus Day

It’s been an odd month.  Rosh Hashana was last week, and that took up Monday and Tuesday.  The kids went back to school for Wednesday and Thursday and then had Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today, Monday, off.  Back to school tomorrow, and then off on Wednesday for Yom Kippur and then back for Thursday and Friday.  Marc is working a zillion hours a week, rarely home before nine or ten most nights, and I’m home with the kids.

Jessie is in eighth grade this year.  Eighth grade is almost high school, which is a heart beat away from college and college – well, that’s pretty much an adult.  She’s morphing ever faster into this teenager, but still can spend hours playing on the floor with Julianna and some dollhouses.  Which happened today – and it’s blissful when it happens.  Miserable when it deteriorates into sniping and squabbling, but when it’s good – it’s lovely.  She spends a lot of time in her room, doing homework and working on Model UN research, but she snuggles up to me at night and comes with me to walk the dog.  She still likes me.

Sam is …. my Sammy.  He’s improving – he’s open to going out and doing things, and is willing to go shopping or apple picking and is counting the days until he can start playing D&D with Marc.  It’s still hard – he can’t see well enough to DO all the stuff he wants to do.  He wants to ride his bike and it terrifies me.  He wants to start a car fund to start saving money for his car – and there’s no guarantee that he’ll be able to see well enough to get his license.  He falls apart at the thought of getting eye glasses, and just mentioning an upcoming doctor’s appointment freaks him out.  But he’s happy – he’s cuddly and cute and friendly most of the time.  Homeschooling – this is going to be an exploratory semester for us.  We’re still waiting for the equipment and information from the Mass Commission for the Blind, so we’re going slowly – working on trying to catch up with math and studying the upcoming election.

Julianna is thriving.  Just thriving.  She’s doing very well in first grade, she’s got a real strength in writing and reading.  She’s getting better at navigating the playground and the social politics.  I want to homeschool her too – but when she’s doing so well, it’s hard to justify taking that on as well at this point.  Sending a kid to school is easier, you don’t have to plan the curriculum or worry about the future – it’s all packaged and ready.  Just add kid and go.  So to speak.  My hope is that she’ll continue to thrive, and then get into the GSA program that Jessie did, because that was transformational for her.  If not, if it starts to get to the point where I see her struggling, I can always pull her at that point.  I don’t honestly see Sam going to back any time soon.

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