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Mar 01

This isn’t going well

I’ve got one kid who’s basically hiding in my bedroom 24/7, staring at her phone and refusing to do schoolwork. Another one who’s fine with school, up to date with everything, but constantly anxious, he just doesn’t know why. And another one who, with three months until the end of senior year, is breaking down over her phone’s inability to load photos onto google classroom and pleading with the universe to somehow magically end this semester so she doesn’t have to do online school any more.

Oh – and my sister lost her sense of taste/smell, so I think we all have covid-19.

There are lots about the past year that I’ll look back on with gratitude. I know that. Lots of family togetherness, fun memories, etc. But cramming five people into one small apartment and cancelling almost everything they loved about their lives isn’t a recipe for success.

We just have to get thru March. Then April comes, and warmer weather and sunshine. More vaccines, and AP exam prep. The exams are in May, and everything gets easier for Jessie then. Julie just has to survive this semester, then I can put her back into public school and she can spend time with peers, have friends, etc. Sam… well, I think his life will get easier too, just because the overwhelming mood in the house won’t be of despair and misery.

It’s not all despair and misery. Just Monday – Thursday, really.

But I can’t wait until this part is over.

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