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Sep 20

A family of night owls (and one early riser)

Am I the only mom who’s firmly convinced, all the time, that my kids aren’t getting enough sleep?  They never get to bed early enough.  And Sam always pops up at the crack of dawn, no matter what.

Jessie ended up crashing on the couch last night, and is still sound asleep.   Julie took over an hour to fall asleep (!!) and is still all snuggled up on her bed.  Sam bopped out of bed as I was getting up and is wide awake and watching minecraft videos.  He is, of course, the only kid that isn’t doing religious school today.

We decided against religious school for Sam, and are only sending Jessie part-time.  But hope springs eternal, and we enrolled Julianna and are hoping for the best.  Maybe she’ll love it.

Sam has hated it from the very beginning, and after struggling for five years, I finally gave up.  Truth be told, I gave up last year, about a quarter of the way into the year – but this was the first year that I didn’t even sign him up for it.   Jessie doesn’t love it either but it’s her last year.

I was on the fence about sending her, and then the decision was taken out of my hands.  She has been dying to do Model UN since last year, and the meetings are at the same time as Wednesday.  It wasn’t even a contest – she’s so much happier, inspired and enthusiastic – she loves debating, discussion and learning about different countries and understanding their positions, I couldn’t ask her to sacrifice that.  So she’ll go to religious school on Mondays, Model UN on Wednesdays, bat mitzvah studying on Thursdays, and services on Saturday and that’ll be enough.

In other news, my toe is still sore and has broken back open.  It’s on my toe, and walking bends it – and it’s not like there’s a toe cast, or a splint that I can use to not bend it.  I just limp a lot and hate it.  Because it’s not a serious injury – it’s a cut on my damn toe, but it’s super irritating and I can’t wait for it to heal.

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