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Mar 22

A night at my house

Sam had started sneezing and coughing mid-afternoon last night, so I was pretty sure that he was coming down with something.  Marc and I, while somehow miraculously managing to maintain a completely happy, loving relationship, rarely manage to sleep alone in the same bed.  Last night was no exception.  I had recorded an episode of DC Cupcakes on the television in my bedroom, and Jessica wanted desperately to watch it.  Julianna was exhausted, it was around eight, so I took the girls and went into bed.  I nursed Julie to sleep, and Jessie and I were curled up watching people try to make a cupcake skirt (why?) when Sam announced that he wanted to sleep with Mama, and bopped into bed with me.  Marc, being far from stupid, jumped on board this train, and helped to tuck Sam into bed with me.  And Jessie.  And Julie.

Once the show was over, I put on another show, about beans, strangely enough.  Modern Marvels, all about beans, which was sufficiently boring enough to put Sam straight to sleep.  (I found it fascinating – and am considering going into bean farming now that I know what a moneymaker it is).  Jessie got up, wandered around for a while (I thought she was going to bed, she thought not).  Eventually, she came in and asked if she could sleep at the foot of my bed.  So I felt very mother lioness-ish, with all my cubs curled around me, and happily dozed off to sleep.  
Sam woke up screaming and sobbing at right around midnight.  Begging to go home, refusing to believe me when I patiently pointed out that we were, in fact, home.  Finally he started asking for Daddy, so I got up (thanking all the sleep angels that were conspiring to keep the girls out cold thru this) and lugged him into his bedroom.  Marc was sound asleep on the queen sized bed in there.  I laid him down next to Marc, who muttered reassuringly to him that Daddy loved him.  I tried to tactfully sneak out, thinking longingly of my own warm bed, only at that point, Sam had decided that he wanted only Mama, all the time.  “I want to stay with YOUUUUUUUUUU!” in that plaintive, sad, sick little boy voice.  So I dozed there until around 1:30, when Julianna woke up, most irritated that I was nowhere to be found.  I moved Jessie from the bottom of the bed, up to the top, positioned myself between the two girls and nursed Julianna back down to sleep.  Until right around three – when Sam woke up back up, sobbing and heartbroken.  I hopped out of bed, at this point, I was actually fairly jolly about it, and curled back up next to him, rubbing his back.  Marc and I spent about ten minutes trying to convince him that he was still home, and it was okay, we’d be right there, and the poor little guy was so sick and so tired.  He was coughing and I was thinking it was a matter of time before he threw up all over all of us – but eventually he settled down and fell back asleep.  As did I – until four thirty, when Julianna started yelling in frustration.  
He’s amazingly chipper today – and Marc and I are wandering around in a fog.  

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