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May 28

A perfect party

We throw a lot of parties at our house.  Nothing huge, just a general sort of open house thing, where we make a bunch of meatballs and some veggie stew thing, and the kids run around outside, and the adults all hang out and talk.

And Memorial Day 2017 will go down as one of my favorites.

Sam is still recovering.  After this past year, I’ve gotten used to my very anti-social boy.  I’ve gotten good at not apologizing for it, and giving him the space he needs.  If he wants to opt out of a party, and sit in his room with a video game and an audio book, I let it happen.  I’m used to him panicking over what to eat, and diffusing the situation before it escalates.  It happened so often, it just became my life.  This was just the way my life was.

But yesterday – he was… back to Sammy.  We had Abby-with-a-bow over, and Julianna was in heaven.  They spent all day outside, running around and creating chalk creations.  Coating themselves with chalk mud, purple chalk mud.  A couple of his friends came over, and I assumed that Sam had retreated to his room.  I was shocked and in awe when I realized that he was OUTSIDE, running around with the other kids.  Even after we had pulled the girls in, and thrown them into the tub (one I had to drain twice because there was so much chalk and filth on those two), Sam kept playing with the boys.  He was a delightful host, dispensing ice cream and providing video games entertainment.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to this.


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