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Dec 16

Apple muffins

There are moments, fortunately for me, they happen with a reassuring frequency, when I stop and think to myself – this, right here, this is one of the best moments of my life. This morning, baking apple muffins with my little girl and my little boy, was one of them. We peeled, cored and diced two apples, mixed all the ingredients together, and then made muffins. They taste terrible, with chunks of soft apple all mixed up in this gluey sort of mess, but Jessie says they’re wonderful and she’d like to take them to school. If they ever have school again (we’re going on day three of snow days, with Saturday and Sunday in the middle).

I’ve had cherubs here pretty much non-stop since Friday, and today is glorious in that I only have my two. Sam’s playing with firetrucks and animal figurines and Jess is watching Polly Pocket. My house is reasonably clean, my kids are healthy and happy and not fighting, my husband is loving me and safe at work, and my life is pretty much exactly what I always wanted it to be.

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