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Apr 20

April vacation confessions

So we’re doing April vacation this week.   This is kind of a weird week for me.  Jessie was home sick all last week with a virus that wrapped up with a sinus infection.  So she’s spending most of the week in various states of agony, trying to figure out math, and prepping for her Model UN conference last week.

I spent all day today doing essentially nothing.  I mean, not nothing.  I did laundry, cleaned the living room, did Sam’s room, homeschooled math, swept the living room (after my vacuum started smoking during the Matzoh Clean Up last week), and walked the dog.  But really, I didn’t go anywhere (other than Price Chopper).  And my kids did nothing.  We watched movies, a lot. I’ve got a migraine, so everything is a little disjointed and weird.

The dog… oh, this dog.  He’s taking pills four times a day, phenobarbitol twice daily, and keppra three times a day.   And he’s still seizing.  Not all the time, maybe once a week or so, but that’s really kind of a lot, when it comes to a seizure and a little dog.

Sam is doing really well.  So well, it still kind of throws me off.   He ate dinner tonight.  Ate dinner.  Ate the dinner I made.  Like everyone else.  That’s just not uncommon – it’s still relatively unheard of.  He’s going shopping, out to spend the day with my mother, and up to Becky’s house for the day.  He went out to fly kites with us the other day.  I can’t get used to it, on one level, and then there’s this whole other level where it feels so normal – I fall back into thinking that I’ve got three kids and they’re all neurotypical, with no special needs at all.  Then I remember that perhaps the reason he wanted to go home from kite flying early was because he literally couldn’t see the damn kite, and standing on hill felt a little too precarious.  It’s this balancing act, of trying to remember the disability, and trying to not have it dominate everything we do.

Julianna is focusing almost exclusively on her birthday next week.  She’ll be seven.  Seven.  My baby will be seven years old.  I remember when she was born, and she was so tiny… the idea that she’ll be as old as her big sister was when she was born is amazing to me.


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