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Aug 25

Bags, D&D, and can you have PMS when you’re eight?

Julianna loves bags.  Lunch bags, backpacks, little girl pocketbooks, you name it, she’ll crawl (yes, she’s still not walking) around the house with it.  We did the back to school shopping and she’s delighted by Jessie’s new multicolored lunchbox and thrilled to death with Sam’s Super Mario Brothers lunchbox.  She’s fascinated with Marc’s big backpack full of D&D; books and one of her favorite activities has always been going thru my pocketbook.

I think I’m finally getting better.  Day 2 with no Sudafed.

Sam is playing little kid Dungeons and Dragons in the dining room with Marc and the two teenagers from across the street.  I’m 99% sure he has no idea what he’s doing, but he’s holy moly into it.  As is Marc.  I got a whole geek fest going on in there.  I made them cupcakes.

Jessica Mary – my precious little angel love bug, she’s been in the throes of something unpleasant as of late.  Call it hormones, call it crappy attitude, call it end of summer misery and back to school anxiety.  I’ve called it just about everything, and have yet to come up with a solution yet.  She’s weepy and miserable and mean and nasty – interspersed with these glimmers of angelic behavior.  I’m struggling with how to best deal with her behavior – and reminding myself that it doesn’t actually get any easier as your kids grow up, it just gets more complicated.

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