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May 09


I love Mother’s Day.  Mine was as close to perfect as one could imagine.  Marc woke me up with the kids bright and early with coffee and waffles in bed.  The girls left with Marc and Sammy stayed in bed to snuggle with me – which was perfect, because of all of my children, Samilicious boy is my snuggle bug.  He’s the one kid guaranteed to want nothing more than to snuggle up next to me and share a waffle.  (And on a side note – out of all the husbands I know – he’s the only one who actually got up and did breakfast in bed for his wife – LOVE that man!).

Then my in-laws came over for breakfast, and we sat out on the deck and had coffee and bagels together.  I didn’t do too much socializing, as it managed to coincide perfectly with Julianna’s nap, but it was still nice to see them.  And Marc got to hang out with them, so that’s what really counts.  After that, we went to my mother’s house – where I got to hang out with my favorite other mommies – my cousin Becky and my sister Mandi.  My cousin Aralyn is down as well – so we had all the kids there.  Julie is the oldest baby, at just over a year, and Arie’s son Jax is almost seven months and baby Abby is five months. So freaking cute….

Then, last night, I took my girls to bed with me – and nursed Julianna down to sleep and had her snuggled up against my bed, and my Jessie snuggled in my arms – it was just exactly the perfect bookend to starting the day with Sammy.

I’m a lucky, lucky mommy…

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