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Sep 11

Busy, busy, busy

Things have been an absolute whirlwind around here lately.  We’ve had the High Holidays (with Yom Kippur coming up on Friday night/Saturday) over the weekend, the first full week of school starting, Julianna starting preschool, my aunt has been staying with us, and oh yeah, I volunteered to head Sisterhood at the synagogue, as well as Box Tops at the kids’ elementary school, Room Mother at Julie’s preschool, and I’m also doing stuff for a PJ Library birthday event in December.  Marc started his new job at Home Depot, and dance class starts this week for the girls, and boy scouts for the Boy.

Overall, I’d say that school is off to a good start.  Jessie has had a couple of hiccups, adjusting to new teachers and new routines, but she’s settling in and seems to be pretty happy about it.  Sam is adjusting beautifully to first grade.  Adores his teacher, and is loving the fact that he gets homework now.

Julianna, on the other hand… well, it depends on your perspective, I guess.  In theory, she loves preschool.  Talks about it all the time, smiles when she tells you about her teachers and her new friends.  Is happy to get ready in the morning, and walks into class with a bounce in her step.  It goes downhill from there, she gets a little sadder and a little sadder until she’s crying and begging me to stay with her.  She’s only gone two days, and thus far, I’ve cried each morning after I leave her there.  It’s so hard… but she calms down fast, and even if she isn’t actively participating all that much yet, each day is a little better.  In contrast, when we started Sam in preschool, he was absolutely, undeniably miserable about the entire thing.  Hated going, hated talking about it, was literally depressed.  It was very different… so even though the transition of drop off is hard, Julie’s much happier overall about preschool, and I think that she’s really going to love it once she gets used to it.  Because if you don’t see her at drop off, you’d think she adored it.

I love the High Holidays, and I know think that they should come this early every year.  In fact, I’m also delighted about Hanukkah coming so early as well (with the obvious disadvantage being that I have traditionally been a last minute shopper, a Christmas Eve kind of shopper, and popping Hanukkah into November is sending me into a tailspin).  Because it jump starts my Jewish year.  I’m baking challah and singing prayers with Julie in the car while driving (thank goodness for PJ library CDs).

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