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Sep 29

Career Options Currently Under Consideration by Kids

Jessica – 11 years old

– A constitutional lawyer, because the Constitution is “cool”

– A judge,  because she likes to be in charge

– A balloon designer, because she’s got plans on a TLC mini-series

– A preschool teacher

– She wants to start an on-line bakery, move to a food truck, and then finally a “bricks and mortar” store.  It’ll be called “The J Cafe” and sell baked goods based on recipes I stole from google.  The building where it’ll be housed will also have a bookstore and a dance studio.

– Some sort of executive, see explanation for “judge”

– Writer and babysitter

– She also plans on having four children, two daughters, (if I’m remembering the names right), Ellisandra Melissa and Megan Coriel, and two boys, I think they’re going to be named Jackson and the other one might be Matthew.

Sam – 8 years old

– soldier

– rickshaw driver

Can you guess which one I’m more in favor of?

– Sam also plans on having children, and after some thought, came up with Isabelle and Matt for names.  Jessie is most irritated that he’s planning on “stealing” her name.


Julianna – 4 years old

– She just wants to be me.  Or possibly a princess.  And she’s only going to have one baby girl and name her Jewel.


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